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Kinyen was an agriworld in the Expansion Region, located on the Corellian Trade Spine at the junction to the Great Gran Run. It was the Gran homeworld,[7] with a recorded history dating back to 10,000 BBY. Though it was an outpost of the violent Rakata during the Pre-Republic era, during its recorded history, the planet has had no local wars. At the time of the Clone Wars, Senator Kharrus represented Kinyen in the Galactic Senate.


The planet itself boasted many differing climates, large and rolling grasslands, a dense and beautiful forest, and one of the longest and clearest rivers in the Bes Ber Bikade sector. The beauty of this planet, which boasted almost no natural predators, helped the Gran develop strong bonds of home and family in their race. With such close bonds formed throughout the Gran community, it was not surprising that they concentrated their cities into very small areas, so they were never out of touch with their many relatives. Often times, families would adopt the native Houjix as pets.

A Gran

These cities, while hosting a majority of the population of Kinyen, also hosted the small government of the Gran. The government was a loose group of delegates from the major Gran families who usually control different aspects of Gran society. One delegate is selected randomly every three and a half standard years to be the leader of this group. It is only due to the very peaceful sensibilities of the Gran race that this system worked at all. Indeed, in most of recorded history there had never been a major conflict between Grans.

The Kinyen government was a socialist demarchy, based on community and codependence. Poverty and unemployment on the planet were almost eliminated, and its inhabitants were guaranteed access to one of the best healthcare systems in the galaxy.

The government of the Gran controlled many aspects of Gran society for a very long time. Mostly the Gran have accepted this government, the one exception being the Gran colonies on Hok and Malastare. Feeling they were destroying too many families, and diluting the Gran race, the government asked all Gran to stay on Kinyen. This protected the Gran society, but it also isolated them from the Gran on Hok and Malastare.


During the Clone Wars, Kinyen was a member world of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. From their position at Kinyen, the Separatists advanced along the Trade Spine to Bomis Koori, meeting resistance from the 19th Sector Army.[6]

Under the Galactic Empire, the Gran became less influential and powerful. On one occasion, the Imperials leveled one of Kinyen's cities after the Gran refused to allow them access to all parts of Kinyen. This forced the Gran of Kinyen to collaborate with the Empire. Some Gran during the Imperial era secretly supported the Rebel Alliance, usually by peaceful means such as supplying food to the Rebels. Most Gran disapproved of violent revolt, however, and even Rebel sympathizers insisted that no military actions were acceptable on their home world. Eventually, Kinyen would be liberated by the New Republic.

The planet joined the New Republic sometime between 4 ABY and 9 ABY. It was a New Republic stronghold during the Thrawn campaign.[4]

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The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Kinyen in the Farfin sector (a misspelling of the true Farrfin sector) of the Core Worlds.



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