This article is about the Twi'lek slicer. You may be looking for Dmaynel Kiph.

Kiph is a Twi'lek slicer from Onderon. He helped Meetra Surik to get an open starport visa and to retrieve information from a broken droid regarding the murder of Captain Sullio of the Onderonian military. The information revealed Sullio's murderer not to be medical doctor Dhagon Ghent, but a different individual.

Later he was hired by General Vaklu to slice into Iziz Royal Palace defense systems. He accomplished this by using the Epicenter Six program, a computer program that he himself had written. However, Kiph was eventually found by Surik, who persuaded him to leave the palace and Vaklu. Kiph, fearing for his own life, grudgingly agreed and left, trying to get as far away from the battle as possible.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alternatively, if the player chooses to follow the path of the dark side, Kiph can be found slicing for the Royalist soldiers. Following either ending, the Exile has the possibility to kill him.


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