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"Eat lightsaber, jerk!"
―Kira Carsen[src]

Kira Carsen was a Human female Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the Cold War and the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire. During the Great Galactic War, she was born as a Child of the Sith Emperor, she fled Korriban as a child and sought refuge on Nar Shaddaa. There, she met Master Bela Kiwiiks of the Jedi High Council on Tython and was taken up as her Padawan, all the while keeping her dark past in the Sith Empire to herself.

Later, Kira became the apprentice of the Hero of Tython, to help prevent the use of the Planet Prison weapon on Coruscant. However, the Sith Lord Darth Angral had stolen the weapon and both Jedi were sent to put a stop to his murderous campaign across the galaxy.

When her secret was revealed in a confrontation with one of her former "siblings", Valis, she was brought to Tython to confess before the Council. Fortunately, her Master spoke on her behalf and convinced the Council to let her go. Kira was given a chance to prove her loyalty to the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. When Master Bela Kiwiiks was kidnapped by the Sith on Tatooine, Kira rescued her former Master, and confessed to the past she had hidden for so long.

Once the Jedi finally caught up with Darth Angral on the Oppressor above Tython, the Emperor took control of Kira and ordered Angral to attack the Hero of Tython. Angral was killed in the duel and the Emperor fought in his stead through Kira's body. But Kira was strong enough to push the Dark Lord's influence out of her before the Oppressor was destroyed. She was given the rank of Jedi Knight, a slave to the Empire no longer.


Child of the Emperor[]

Kira Carsen was born to Human parents on Dromund Kaas, in the territory of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. Early in her life, the Empire learned that Kira was Force-sensitive, and her parents were forced to give her up to the Sith academy on Korriban. At age six, she killed her first tuk'ata. However, during her time at the Academy, Carsen noticed that other children would disappear for unknown amounts of time. When they returned, they were different, unable to remember where they had been or sometimes who they or others were.[5]

At some point, a ten-year-old[6] Carsen discovered she could not recall days or weeks of time and realized that she too had been taken. She became a Child of the Sith Emperor, meaning that the Emperor could possess her mind and body at will. Fearful of what the Emperor could do to her, she stowed away on a cargo ship headed out of Imperial space. She got off the ship when it stopped at Nar Shaddaa, where she spent years living in alleys and stealing to survive.[5] She joined a group of alien refugees in the High Security Lockdown, where she met the Evocii Enaq and the Anomid Darshyn.[7]

Kira with her master Bela Kiwiiks

Carsen spent the next eight years on Nar Shaddaa, using her nascent Force powers to defend herself and her friends. She would often bundle up in extra clothes to make herself look bigger, and was fiercely protective of her friends. When a street gang called the Ur'kossags began terrorizing the refugees, Kira paid the gang a visit. However, her attempt to negotiate with them ended poorly, and Carsen ended up killing several gang members. Carsen's actions backfired, however, causing everyone in the area to fear the refugee group's reputation. Carsen did not understand what she had done, because she left the planet not long after.[7]

Life as a Jedi[]

Meeting Master Kiwiiks[]

Carsen's life changed when she attempted to steal a hyperdrive engine from an expensive ship in the spaceport, of which she planned to disassemble and sell off the pieces. She did not realize, however, that the ship belonged to the Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks, who was very surprised to catch Carsen in the middle of her planned theft. Master Kiwiiks quickly recognized Carsen's affinity for the Force and offered Carsen the opportunity to join the Jedi Order. Carsen decided her best hopes of ending the evils that the Sith Empire had committed, against herself and others, was with the Jedi Order and accepted an apprenticeship with Master Kiwiiks.[5]

The Hero of Tython[]

Carsen under the Emperor's control

A couple of years later,[5] Carsen met the Padawan of Orgus Din, and they worked together to stop Tarnis from unleashing the Planet Prison. She chose to travel with her new partner, now a Jedi Knight, and Satele Shan made her the Padawan of the Hero of Tython after Bela Kiwiiks left on a lone assignment to Tatooine. Carsen was later captured by agents of Darth Angral on the Ord Mantell space station. Angral, who had sworn a vendetta against Carsen's new Master, demanded to know where the Knight was. Carsen misled him into believing that her Master was on Corellia. As Angral's retainers kept an eye on her, her new partner/master returned from the planet surface and freed her. Unfortunately, this allowed the Sith Emperor to find her at long last. He arranged for another Child, Valis to retrieve her. Carsen and her teacher were able to best Valis but Carsen was forced to come clean about her past, and decided to reveal the truth to the Jedi Council. Despite Jaric Kaedan's attempt to have her imprisoned, the rest of the Council decided to show leniency.

Later, Carsen and her Master rescued Bela Kiwiiks on Tatooine, and redeemed Lord Praven. She told her former Master everything about her past. Kiwiiks, an understanding Jedi, explained that she always had great faith in Carsen and her potential to become a Jedi.

Free of the Emperor[]

Eventually things came to a head on Tython. Darth Angral, driven insane by the death of his son, had attacked and planned to use the Desolator to destroy the entire planet, and the majority of the Jedi. Kira and her Master disabled the superweapon and confronted Angral. The Emperor possessed Carsen, and ordered Angral to kill the Knight. Soon after, Carsen regained her senses and felt the Emperor's hold over her. Angral encouraged her to join him, claiming it was her destiny to be Sith. Carsen stated that she'd "rather jump out of an airlock naked." When Angral failed, the Emperor stepped in, reasserting control over Carsen, and engaged the Knight. He had seen visions in which the Knight would rise and defeat him and he was determined to keep that from happening. When the Knight proved stronger, the Emperor called Carsen weak, unfinished from being away from him for so long. He then began to channel red Force energy through her in a renewed attempted to kill her Master, even if Carsen was to die in the process. Carsen refused to be his pawn and opened herself to the light, banishing the Emperor and severing the link. Returning to Tython's surface, Carsen was formally granted the rank of Jedi Knight by the Jedi Council.

Carsen breaks free of the Emperor

Carsen eventually became part of a Jedi strike team, led by Master Tol Braga, tasked with capturing the Emperor and redeeming him to the light side. Unfortunately, they underestimated the Emperor's power, which he used to subdue the Jedi and corrupt them to the dark side. Carsen was placed in an interrogation device called the Tormentor, about to be subjected to torture by her own Master. Luckily, her Master had been released from the Emperor's control with the assistance of the ghost of Orgus Din. After disposing of the Sith Overseer, Carsen and her Master made to free their companions, only to find the Emperor's Wrath, Lord Scourge, had already done so. Scourge stated that he had waited three hundred years for the appearance of Carsen's Master, whom he believed to be the one who would destroy the Emperor.

Returning to Tython, Scourge revealed to the Council the Emperor's plan to consume all life in the galaxy but he had foreseen that the Hero of Tython would rise to stop him. Carsen continued to travel with her Master as they went to Belsavis, Voss and Corellia, well as redeem the fallen members of the Jedi strike team. Their efforts had weakened the Emperor enough that the Republic could make a strike on Dromund Kaas so the Hero of Tython could confront and defeat him. Carsen, along with the rest of the Hero's crew, excluding T7-01, kept their distance from the Emperor to avoid falling under his control while the Hero engaged him. Following the Emperor's apparent death, the Hero's crew rendezvoused with the flagship Valiant, where they are awarded with the Cross of Glory for their actions.

Shortly afterwards, she and her master were given a holocall from a fellow Child of the Emperor, Suri, who was driven mad from Vitiate's lingering calls to her. Since the two of them have previously broken free from the Emperor's control, Suri told them to meet her on Voss. When they arrived, Kira and the Hero of Tython tried to help her by convincing her to join them on Tython. Then a group of Sith, other Children of the Emperor, arrived. Led by Tannac, he told them that they managed to block out the Emperor and warned that if Suri went to Tython, she would die. After some deliberation with her master, Kira reluctantly allowed Suri to go with Tannac. She recorded the events and delivered it to the Jedi Council later on, to show how the Children of the Emperor were still active.

Later conflicts[]

At a later stage in the Galactic War, Carsen was in the middle of a sparring session with Scourge, despite Doc's worry over using lightsabers. When their match came to an end, Carsen's Master suddenly had a vision of the planet Rishi. Coincidentally, T7 mentioned that Rishi had turned up on the Defender's navigation computer, so the Hero set a course for the planet.

During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, Kira's master went missing. After the war was lost, the Defender's crew disbanded, much to Kira's sadness. Eventually, Kira joined the fight against Emperor Arcann alongside rebels against the Eternal Empire. According to Master Ranos, her group was eventually tracked down by Arcann and suffered heavy losses. Later, Kira and her team attempted to infiltrate Arcann's carbonite prison, but were discovered and thwarted by High Justice Vaylin. Despite Vaylin's great strength in the Force, Kira survived the encounter and, according to Darth Hexid, was last seen disappearing into Wild Space.

Vitiate's legacy[]

At some point Kira regrouped with Scourge, and, learning from an "old ally" of the ex-Emperor's Wrath, they hunted down Vitiate's true body (which was kept in stasis). The pair then managed to destroyed Vitiate's true body at the exact moment the Outlander purged Vitiate's spirit, ensuring that the galaxy's greatest evil would never return. However, in doing so, they unwittingly unleashed a powerful Sith ritual Vitiate carved into his body as a final failsafe. Having been infused with the Emperor's power in the past both she and Scourge were rendered comatose for just over a year until Satele Shan and her followers managed to save them. But Shan and her people also fell to the plague unleashed by Vitiate's body, prompting Carsen and Scourge to quarantine them aboard a vessel they left drifting in the Outer Rim until help could be found.

Sensing the plague victims' minds were communicating and merging together, Carsen and Scourge suspected the plague might be trying to resurrect Vitiate. Concerned that Vitiate might've faked his death as he had done in the past, Scourge traveled to Mek-Sha and ambushed the Outlander, briefly engaging his opponent in battle before fleeing, confident that Vitiate was indeed dead. Following the Meridian Complex assault, Carsen and Scourge make themselves known to the Outlander and later explained the threat of Vitiate's plague at the Alliance base on Odessen.

Destroying Tenebrae[]

"The ritual carved into him isn't a plague. It's an imprint--an echo of who he was back then."
―Kira Carsen, discovering the secret to Tenebrae's plague inside Satele's Mindscape[src]

In the year 3626 BBY[8], Kira Carsen and Scourge, with the aid of T7-O1, were able to locate the ship that they had placed Satele and her students aboard. With the aid of the Alliance Commander, they made their way aboard in order to stop Tenebrae from fully resurrecting himself. They were attacked by remnants of the Emperor's Hand, led by Servant Four, whom they fought with in order to get to Satele. Carsen, following their fight with Servant Four, then led them in a ritual that allowed them to enter Satele Shan's mind.[9]

Once inside, Carsen found herself alone with the Alliance Commander, having been separated from Scourge and the rest. Pushing onwards, they encountered the visage of Tenebrae, who taunted them for believing they could ever try to defeat him. Soon after, Carsen was separated from the Commander, who continued their journey to the center of Satele Shan's mind, aided by the spirits of Revan, Meetra Surik, and Darth Marr. Once at the center, Carsen met up with the Commander and helped fight against the Emperor, alongside the spirits of all those that had been victimized by him over the centuries. After a long-fought battle, they were successfully able to vanquish the Sith Emperor once and for all.[9]

Personality and traits[]

Enaq: "Can't believe it's really you. A Jedi. You're so different."
Jedi Knight: "Different how? A little taller?"
Enaq: "More than that. Strong and confident like always, but... happier. At peace. I still remember that little girl, bundling up in extra layers of clothing. Trying to look bigger and tougher than she was."
Carsen: "Hey, it worked. Add enough layers, and nobody knows who you are."
Jedi Knight: "Kira never talks about her past."
Carsen: "Nothing to tell. Life was hard and then I became a Jedi. But I never forgot my friends."
―Carsen shows her loyalty and self-confidence to her Master.[src]

Kira Carsen

Kira Carsen was a headstrong and confident Jedi, with a strong sense of loyalty towards her friends and allies. Behind this confident front, she hid fear of her past and a near-desperate desire to prove herself. She believed that her past in the Sith Empire would cause those she knew to turn on her if they ever found out, so Kira was determined to prove her loyalty and worth to the Jedi Order. She was also mildly claustrophobic, and she masked fear behind a quick tongue and sharp wit.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

Kira: "Before we go, you need to know something, and I'd rather let you hear it from me. I never told you about my childhood. I'm not what you think I am... [...]"
Bela Kiwiiks: "So much about you is now clear to me, Kira. But you're wrong about one thing. You are exactly who I think—a strong, capable young woman. One day, you'll be a great Jedi."
Jedi Knight: "If you could see what she's accomplished, you'd be proud."
―Bela Kiwiiks helps Kira understand her potential after the latter's confession to her past[src]

Kira Carsen was adept with a double-bladed lightsaber.[3] Her combat skills allowed her to deal a large amount of damage over a short period of time. Kira was considerably strong in the Force, being able to break free of the Emperor's control over her during the Desolator Crisis.

Behind the scenes[]

Kira Carsen appears in the BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, as a companion character for the Jedi Knight character. She has fair skin, red hair, full lips, and a scar on her left cheek. The player gains her as a companion during the class storyline on Coruscant. Kira is voiced by Laura Bailey.[10]


If the Jedi Knight player character is male, the player can choose to have a romance with Kira and can eventually marry her. Initiating a romance will affect dialogue in certain story missions. If the player is romancing Kira, then she will speak to the player about the future, children as one of the last topics. If the player is married to Kira, then a cutscene of her speaking to the player at the Emperor's temple won't be seen.

Following the conclusion of the Onslaught expansion, the player can re-commit their romance with Kira. Additionally, if the player is a female Jedi Knight who initially flirts with Kira, she later expresses that she has always been "a little... in love" with the player since their disappearance. The player can reciprocate those feeling and initiate a relationship with Kira.



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