The Kira Fortress was a fortress in the wilderness of Onderon owned by the House of Kira. It was located far from Iziz and one hundred kilometers from the Shatoon Monastery.

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The entrance to Kira Fortress.

A stone fortress established in the jungles of Onderon, the House of Kira emerged among the strongest of the so-called Beast Riders; a group of men and women exiled from Iziz who came together to form their own community out in the wilds. Taming the wild beasts which flew to the planet from the Demon Moon of Dxun, the Beast Riders resided at the Kira Fortress and flew under the banner of Lord Modon Kira and his family. As they became stronger, the Beast Rider army flew against the city of Iziz in a conflict later known as the Beast Wars. Abducting the Princess Galia from the Royal Palace, Kira returned with her to the fortress where Galia were wed Kira's son Oron, not through force, but out of a love they both shared.[1]

When King Ommin retook the city of Iziz after a successful raid by the Beast Raiders, the Jedi Knights Ulic Qel-Droma and Tott Doneeta were forced back to the fortress along with Kira and his bride, Galia. Fighting back against the Naddists in the city, the group eventually defeated Ommin and Oron Kira was crowned King of Onderon and leader of the Onderon Royal Family. Having brought the Freedon Nadd Uprising to an end, the Kira lineage became forever tied with the history of the planet and the fortress survived the many centuries as the historic family home of the Royal Family.[1]

As of 11 ABY, Onderon was ruled by a descendant of Kira, Modon Kira, named after his ancestor. Kira welcomed Leia Organa Solo, a leading member of the New Republic as she took refuge at the fortress during her struggle against the resurgent Emperor Palpatine. When Palpatine arrived to take the children, he was killed by Han Solo, Organa's husband. The Emperor's spirit was consumed by Jedi Knight Empatojayos Brand, finally bringing an end to the era's most dangerous Dark Lord of the Sith.[2]

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