The Kira system was located at the center of the Kira Run. It originally contained four planets, until three of them were destroyed by an unknown cause.


The Kira system originally contained four planets, designated Kira I through IV. Except for Kira II, all planets were uninhabitable and had little to no resources worth of development. At one point during the reign of the Galactic Republic, the first three planets were destroyed by an unknown cataclysm. The remnants of the planets formed an unstable asteroid field which inherited the name Kira Prime.[4] The star's gravity well kept most of the asteroids contained, but from time to time larger asteroids left the well and became hyperspace hazards.[3]


Kira Run

The Kira Run.

The initial survey conducted by the Old Republic designated the planets Kira I through IV and additionally gave the name Kira Prime to the second - and the only inhabitable - planet. Except for Kira II, all planets were deemed unworthy of further development and the system was logged for a follow-up survey.[4]

Years later a second survey found out that the first three planets of the system had been destroyed in an unknown cataclysm. The newly created asteroid field inherited the name Kira Prime from the second planet. Further research into the cause of this destruction was deemed unnecessary and the Kira system became almost forgotten.[4]

During the Clone Wars, this system was under Separatist control.

Around 70 BBY[5] hyperspace explorers, seeking to connect the Harrin Trade Corridor with the Enarc Run, found a reference to Kira Prime. Using the planet's coordinates, the Haik Expedition successfully established the Kira Run.[4] Over time, this short route soon became an important link in galactic trade and the Kira system and important stopover point, although the asteroids of the destroyed planets still posed a small, but constant threat to all traders.[3]

The system joined the New Republic sometime between 4 ABY and 9 ABY. It was a New Republic stronghold during the Thrawn campaign.[2]



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