"I’ve been having a run of bad luck, but that’s all going to change."
―Kirk Windjammer[src]

Kirk Windjammer was a Human male from the planet Vanqor. His profession was the shipping of goods in his anti-grav loader, the Seaskimmer. Upon losing a droid at sea, he purchased R2-D2 as a replacement from droid salesman Van P. Quist, separating the droid from his counterpart, C-3PO.

After helping Prince Jagoda prevent an invasion of R-duba from Dorande, he was made the prince's royal advisor.


In 15 BBY, Kirk Windjammer went through a difficult period when he went on to purchase R2-D2 Droid at a store. Windjammer did not have enough credits to buy C-3PO and the two droids remained separated. Windjammer was sorry, but sought primarily the Astromech droid for controlling his vehicle, the Seaskimmer.

Kirk and Artoo found a new job at the Red Asteroid Bar. During their journey at sea, Kirk complained about the high taxes that he was required to pay in order to trade at sea. When delivering their cargo on a Gunship, Kirk discovered that they had smuggled illegal weapons. The two were able to escape and reach the palace of Jagoda.

Under the direction of C-3PO, who in the meantime had become the Royal Advisor, Kirk and Artoo were encountered during an invasion. Shortly afterwards Artoo and C-3PO disappeared, Kirk appointed as the new Royal Advisor. Kirk's first advice was to never forget the droids. After that, Jagoda agreed to lower taxes and reduce the maritime trade.

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