"Do you know where [Ghez Hokan] is?"
"They’re down at the farm the Kirmay clan used to own before Hokan sold them to Trandoshans. About fifty, maybe sixty of them. What are you going to do to us?"
RC-1336 and a Qiiluran villager[src]

The Kirmay clan was a group of individuals who owned a farm near the city of Imbraani on the[1] Mid Rim[2] planet Qiilura[1] by 22 BBY.[3] The clan lost the property when Ghez Hokan, a Mandalorian serving in the Confederacy of Independent Systems, sold the group to Trandoshan slavers. The farm was later repurposed as a staging area for fifty to sixty of Hokan's mercenaries, as estimated by a Qiiluran villager.[1]

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The Kirmay clan was mentioned in the 2004 novel Republic Commando: Hard Contact, written by Karen Traviss.[1]

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