"The first part of the mission went as planned. But as the freighter came in, we saw that the TIE fighter escort was twice as big as advertised. And one of our pilots, a former freighter pilot from Alderaan, Kissek Doran, had a panic attack and took off in his Y-wing. Piggy and I were sent out to bring him back... or shoot him down."
Wes Janson to Wedge Antilles[src]

Kissek Doran was a Human male who was the father of Wraith Squadron pilot Kell Tainer and also a freighter pilot from Alderaan. During the time around the Battle of Yavin, he joined the Tierfon Yellow Aces along with Jek Tono Porkins and Wes Janson.


In the course of a convoy ambush mission with the Yellow Aces, Doran fell victim to his fear and attempted to flee when the convoy appeared with a larger armed escort than anticipated. The commander of the Yellow Aces ordered Porkins and Janson to either herd Doran back to formation or to shoot him down, as his flight could reveal the Aces' position. Porkins and Janson attempted to bring Doran back to the formation, but were unsuccessful. In a tragic incident, Janson was forced to open fire on Doran with his Y-wing's twin laser cannons. His shots cracked the cockpit of Doran's craft and vented the oxygen into space. Doran was killed, though he might have survived if his scrounged flight suit hadn't been in such a poor condition.



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