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The Kitel Phard Dynasty established an empire across Kitel Phard, creating a golden age by destroying all opposition to its rule. Even thousands of years later, the people of the planet looked back on the dynasty with pride.

Uueg Tching was the 54th Emperor of the dynasty. Other, later, members of the dynasty included Oeana Tching, called the "Invisible Empress", and Eoaq the Expansive. They also were renowned for their Atrisian warriors.

The dynasty had also served some influence within the military forces of the Galactic Empire. More specifically, the Atrisian corps of the Imperial Army had been named after the ancient Atrisian warriors of the Kitel Phard Dynasty.

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This name appears in an e-mail sent out to certain purchasers of the Star Wars: X-Wing CD-ROM, relating to a fake synopsis for a rumored Star Wars prequel entitled "The Clone Wars". The Kitel Phard Dynasty was set to be the major evil organization of the film.[1]



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