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Kitmum was a female Wookiee Jedi who taught the Physical Education course at the Jedi academy on Coruscant during the time of Roan Novachez's attendance there. She put the students through an exhaustive course that was designed to test them to their physical limits. Regular activities included soccer, dodgeball and stretching.

Students sometimes had trouble understanding her, as she spoke only in Shyriiwook. Roan also made comics trying to understand what Kitmum would often say. She also chaperoned on a field trip to the planet Kashyyyk and translated for the students, but that just meant she growled, too. Roan said, "At least we had her as a guide to show us around," because Kashyyyk was Kitmum's homeworld. During the school's Satine Hawkins dance, she invited Mr. Garfield to dance, and he reluctantly accepted.

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