Dead Forest Entrance 2

The Entrance to the Dead Forest Area of the Kkowir Forest.

Literally meaning "Dead Forest" in the Wookiee tongue, Kkowir Forest was an area on Kashyyyk, and home to the local Kerritamba tribe of Wookiees, the Outcasts, and the mysterious Sayormi cult. The Myyydril Caverns lay in the northern parts of the forest.

General InformationEdit

Kkowir Gate

The gate leading into and out of the Forest.

The Kkowir Forest was home to the Kerritamba Tribe's village, a village set up by the Kerritamba. The Kerritamba Village and tribe was led by Chief Kerritamba. Many dangers lie in the Kkowir Forest, including the Sayormi, who are believed to be ghosts that live in the lower levels of the forest and also webweavers, a huge arachnid, non-sentient species. The Dead Forest Area of the Forest is one of the most dangerous areas in the Forest. Many Sayormi have settled there.

Points of InterestEdit

There are a few places in the Forest that interest explorers, and dare them to travel further into the forest. The Mysess Glade is one of them, where you can find the Great Tree. Another area, The Myyydril Caverns, is where you can find the Myyydril Tribe, a tribe of Wookiees. A small village has been made in the caverns by the tribe. Another area is the Kerritamba Village Arena, just across from the Kerritamba Village.


The Kkowir Forest is just northwest of Kachirho on Kashyyyk. The gate is protected by Dead Guards. Although the forest gate is not hard to get to, what lies beyond the gate is what people fear.

Forest LifeEdit

Animal LifeEdit

In the forest, there are many types of animals, such as the uller. Webweavers, a huge, arachnid species,can be found outside the ShadowWeave Caverns, and also inside the caverns. Urnsor'is can be found in caves in the forest. Shadevale Venomsting can be found in the rivers that flow through the forest, and they can also be found on land just next to the river.

Plant LifeEdit

There are some types of plants in the forest as well. Mysess blossoms are fairly common in the forest, and there are many tall trees. You can also find dead stumps of trees in the Dead Forest area.

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The Kkowir Forest appeared in the video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online-role playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts, prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.



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