Kl'ietu Mutela was a Vodran diplomat who lived around 25,100 BBY.

The Vodrans had been contacted by Dojundo the Hutt, who wanted to recruit them for a war against Xim the Despot. The Vodrans erroneously believed that the Hutts were gods taking them to a holy war and proceeded to follow Dojundo. Alongside with other Hutt-aligned species such as Klatooinians, Niktos, and Weequays, the Vodrans defeated Xim at the Third Battle of Vontor.

Once this happened, Kl'ietu Mutela signed an agreement with Dojundo. Upon the terms of the agreement, the Vodrans would serve the Hutts eternally, generation after generation, with the Klatooinians and Nikto signing similar documents. Following the signing of the treaty, Mutela and the document were revered by the following Vodran generations, with the Hutts supporting this attitude.

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