"Seize the day, and you have the day. But wait for the right day to seize, and you will seize entire lifetimes."

Kla was a humanoid male Sith Lord from the time after the Great Hyperspace War.


Kla was once a Jedi, more specifically, a Jedi Consular.[1] As a Sith, he became a practitioner of Sith alchemy and the gatekeeper of at least two Sith holocrons.

One of them was Bo Vanda's holocron, which also housed the spirit of Komok-Da. He attempted to trick users of Vanda's holocron, telling them that they needed to take it to Korriban to use it; in reality, he wished to go to the planet to gain enough strength to leave the Holocron and possess the user's body.

The other was the Telos Holocron in which Kla recorded a tale of the old Sith Empire's fall. He had comprehensive knowledge of the Empire under Naga Sadow, some of which may have been obtained from a Sith holocron held by Jedi Master Odan-Urr on Ossus.[1]

Kla believed that the Sith could benefit from employing the patience that the Jedi Order exercised, as he had gained much from it himself. Consequently, he thought Naga Sadow's eagerness was the cause of the Sith Empire's fall.[1]

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