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Klatooinians were a species native to the planet Klatooine, who often worked as henchmen and bounty hunters. Klatooinians possessed a strong physique that led many of them to work in the criminal underworld. Some Klatooinians include Barada and Kithaba, who both worked for Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

Biology and appearance[]

Klatooinians were sentient humanoid species from Klatooine, Klatooinians were common throughout the galaxy. They were distinguishable through their prominent brows and visible teeth. Klatooinians possessed a strong build, which made them useful laborers.[3] Klatooinians skin color ranged from green to brown.[1] Their natural habitat was desert or wastelands.[2] Klatooinians could also be force-sensitive.[3]

Klatooinians in the galaxy[]

Their strong build and menacing appearance drew many Klatooinians to work in the underworld as bounty hunters, henchmen, and bodyguards. Many Klatooinians were also sold into slavery due to their skills as laborers.[3] Tarados Gon was a force-sensitive Klatooinian who joined the Jedi Order.[3]

Castas was a male Klatooinian bounty-hunter who was active during the Clone Wars.[4] Multiple Klatooinians worked for Jabba Desilijic Tiure, including Barada and Kithaba who both died during the Rescue of Han Solo at the Great Pit of Carkoon.[5]

After the fall of the Galactic Empire in 9 ABY, a Klatooinian raider led a tribe on Sorgan. The tribe repurposed an AT-ST and attacked a remote village several times before being defeated during a skirmish on Sorgan.[6] Bolza Grool was a Klatooinian who sold gorgs on the Colossus.[7]

Also in 9 ABY on Tatooine, the Klatooinian family, in control of the spaceport and upper sprawl betrayed Boba Fett and the Fett gotra and forced two Gamorean's off the edge of a cliff killing them. The leader was later assassinated by Fennec Shand and the rest of the family submitted to the Fett Gotra.

The Klatoonian Don negotiating with Boba Fett

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Behind the scenes[]

Skelly, a human character from A New Dawn, was originally conceived as a Klatooinian. Despite this, author John Jackson Miller felt that he had an appearance that was somewhat Klatooinian.[8] Skelly had a Klatooinian prosthetic right hand.[9]


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