"Whaddaya know, the l'il sandbag's got a gun."
―Big Gizz[src]

Klepti B'ay was a Jawa on Tatooine whose clan picked up the wreckage of a Rebel spaceship as salvage. Unbeknownst to them, a dark trooper aboard was in working condition. After freeing itself of the wreckage, it killed most of the Jawas aboard the sandcrawler. The uncontrolled sandcrawler crashed into the Mos Espa Grand Arena, leaving Klepti B'ay the only Jawa to survive, and nearly killing nearby mercenaries Gizman, Spiker, and Onoh.

After encountering Big Gizz and Spiker, he proved a valuable "ally", as Gizz stole his blaster, almost knocking out the Jawa in the process, and used it against the dark trooper. Klepti also helped Onoh push a large mound of rubble onto the dark trooper. After this, he swore a life debt to Gizz and Spiker, and was "adopted" into the group.

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