"Colonel Selid, this is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Report."
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Colonel Selid[src]

Kleyn Selid was an officer of the Imperial Army of the Galactic Empire in command of Mount Tantiss on the planet Wayland some five years after the Battle of Endor.


Young for his rank, Selid was quite frustrated when Grand Admiral Thrawn assigned him the task of temporary commander of the garrison stationed to protect Emperor Palpatine's hidden storehouse. Selid wanted to command troops in the field rather than from behind his desk, something he came to call being a "glorified 'baby-sitter'".

In the final days of Thrawn's campaigns against the New Republic, the Grand Admiral came to view the clone Dark Jedi Joruus C'baoth as a bit of a problem and so was not displeased when the mad clone departed the fleet to "take command of his Empire" from Wayland. There, C'baoth forced General Freja Covell, who was to take Selid's post as commanding officer, into a state of dependence which faltered under the effects of the ysalamiri spread throughout the mountain facility, killing Covell. The morning after the general's arrival, Selid was alerted by an orderly telling him that Covell was dead. He immediately ordered a medical team to investigate, only to find that large portions of Covell's brain had inexplicably simply shut down. Without hesitation, Selid contacted the Chimaera and reported the situation and the events of the previous day directly to Grand Admiral Thrawn, who in turn ordered Selid to put C'baoth under arrest and confinement, and to not allow Covell's personal company of troops to enter the facility. Though wary concerning the orders to lock-out the company of soldiers, he did what he was told. Despite this, he was pleased when Thrawn restored his role of garrison commander.

Selid was more than likely present at the destruction of Mount Tantiss, but it is unknown whether he survived.



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