Klide was a Twi'lek, who worked as a research scientist on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Klide was educated in the Core worlds and studied a combination of xenoarchaeology and cryptography. He arrived on Cularin in about 34 BBY, to study a mural in Jax Warehouse. He was off-world when the Cularin system disappeared in 32 BBY and he returned to Cularin after it reappeared in 22 BBY. He continued to study the mural and following the formation of the Galactic Empire, became acquainted with Lora Nadad, a Jedi Knight who was hiding out in the warehouse.

Eventually Klide figured out the meaning of the mural, realizing that it gave the co-ordinates for the location of an ancient artifact, the Eye of the Sun. However, shortly afterwards, he was approached by Len Markus, who took Klide's datapad, which contained details of all of his research.


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