Klif was an Imperial Intelligence agent who was part of the "Vengeance" cell during the Caamas Document crisis of 19 ABY. Under Drend Navett's leadership, he participated in several anti-Bothan operations, specializing in the instigation of deadly riots calculated to increase tensions within the New Republic. Navett rated Klif as a "master of demagoguery".

On his final mission, he and the rest of Navett's cell were sent to Bothawui to sabotage the planetary shield generators in the planetary capital, Drev'starn. He and Navett opened a pet store—Exoticalia's Pet Emporium—as a cover. Using this cover, they put a plan into motion to use metalmites and baby mawkrens so Navett could gain access to and sabotage the generator buildings.

Afterward, he accompanied the two other members of the cell (Pensin and Horvic) and infiltrated the Ishori cruiser Predominance posing as maintenance workers. Once Navett succeeded in taking the planetary shields down, the three agents killed their Ishori escorts, seized control of a weapons turret, and began the bombardment of Drev'starn, setting off a battle at Bothawui. They fired eight shots at the defenseless city before being neutralized.


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