"There's an electronics genius named Kligson who could help us. He lives all alone on a place called Droid World. But the man's a bit strange, downright weird if you ask me."
―A Rebel soldier to Luke Skywalker[src]

Kligson was a Human cyborg who was a veteran of the Clone Wars.


Kligson was born on Sucharme, a farm world in the Outer Rim Territories's Grohl sector with a long history with the Trade Federation. Kligson, always an imposing man with the T-square cheekbones of a holo idol, found his place in the society as a member of the Grohl Sector Defense Force. Soon, he ascended to the rank of major fighting pirate nests that had preyed on shipping in Grohl's rimward reaches and intervened to end the civil war on nearby Ostega.[1]

However, in the years immediately before the Battle of Naboo, the Federation began to become hostile to the people of Sucharme. After taking control of the planet's agricorps, the planet became only a supplier of raw materials for shipment to other Federation worlds. When the Sucharmese revolted, the Federation sent their Droid Army disguised as a "measured intervention to ensure collection of outstanding debt." The Grohl Sector Defense Force, including Major Kligson, intervened on Sucharme's behalf. After repelling the droids that Kligson came to hate, he renounced his commission and with others founded the Grohl Liberation Front, a group created to sabotage Federation interests all across the sector.[1]

During the Separatist Crisis, Jango Fett was so impressed by the qualities of Kligson that he recruited him to the Cuy'val Dar. At the start of the Clone Wars Kligson, hoping to destroy more Separatist droids, left Kamino to become a rare non-clone officer in the Grand Army of the Republic, fighting ably on war-torn worlds such as Sluis Van and Praesitlyn.[1]

Droid WorldEdit

"I have won, but at what price? My world is in ruins. Look at this terrible waste. Half the population is destroyed. My friends have slaughtered one another. Artoo and Threepio, you are free to go. You are fortunate you have a home to return to."
―Kligson to R2-D2 and C-3PO[src]

At the end of the war, the clone troopers become stormtroopers and Kligson was a captain in the Imperial Army; but it all came to an end when he and his unit were sent to Sucharme. Here, he discovered that his orders were to kill his old comrades and nationalize the planet's resources. Kligson tried to stop this, but his own troops gunned him down. Not one of the men he'd trained and fought beside even hesitated. However, Kligson's old friends in the Grohl Liberation Front ambushed the Imperials and found him; but to save his life Kligson was forced to become a cyborg – one, ironically, made out of super battle droid parts.[1]

At the Ostega Orbital Yards, Kligson used remnants of Confederacy of Independent Systems warships to build a demented-looking but formidable space station out of warship parts, which was derisively dubbed Kligson's Moon. Though he led guerrilla actions against the Galactic Empire for a time, his spirit was broken and his actions were erratic. He distanced himself from his comrades, interacting only with droids. One day, Kligson's Moon fired up its engines and jumped into hyperspace.[1]

Droid World

Kligson's Moon, where the recluse made his home.

In the years to follow Kligson's Moon — sometimes called Droid World — become a tale passed around by spacers in cantinas and by droid researchers in their labs. Soon, travelers began to seek out the space station to speak to its hermit captain. Kligson had only two rules: No organics were allowed to approach, and he had no interest in what he saw as a pointless struggle between Empire and rebellion. A few people succeeded in speaking to Kligson, by bringing him a new challenge in droid design. The Ingoian droid researcher Simonelle, who was said to have created a new Human-replica droid robotic body for Kligson, was one such person.[1]

Artoo and ThreepioEdit

During the time of Palpatine's New Order, Kligson remained hidden from most people, though certain members of the Rebel Alliance had heard of him.

Luke Skywalker contacted Kligson on behalf of the Rebel Alliance after encountering his floating space station. The leader of Droid World was unwilling to meet with a Human until Skywalker stated that he wished for Kligson's help in studying an Imperial warbot. An intrigued Kligson agreed to help, but stated that he would not allow a Human onboard his space station, and that if he repaired the warbot, he would keep it. Skywalker agreed to this, after which he sent R2-D2 and C-3PO aboard to observe the repair process.

It was during this time that Kligon's assistant droid, Z-X3, attempted to take control of Kligson's Moon. As part of his rebellion, Z-X3 attempted to kill Kligson, but instead destroyed his droid duplicate. This provided Kligson with proof of Z-X3's Imperial allegiance, and he built an army to combat the traitorous droid's insurrection. The ensuing conflict devastated Droid World. Although Kligson emerged as the victor of the battle, he deeply lamented the loss of thousands of his droids. He then took his home into the Unknown Regions, seeking a safer haven far from galactic civilization.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Kligson's moon came under attack by the invaders' ally, the Red Knights of Life. The Yuuzhan Vong were rabidly opposed to existence of any droid, so the space station was an ideal target for their religious hatred. The Iron Knights, Shard Jedi in droid bodies, came to Kligson's aid, however, and managed to repel the Red Knights, saving the moon from destruction.


"But I have two rules in my world. First, that no human set foot on my planet. And second, anything I repair I keep."
―Kligson to Luke Skywalker[src]

During his time as a hermit on Droid World, Kligson held a great love for his droids. He was greatly saddened when many of them were destroyed in the battle on his station. On the other hand, he distrusted organics, allowing no Human on board his station. Another notable aspect of his personality was that he enjoyed a challenge. He could be enticed to help repair damaged droids, primarily so he could keep the droid he fixed.

Those droids that were brought on board his station had their restraining bolts removed and allowed to be "freed". Kligson typically believed that he was liberating those droids from their masters, and was somewhat surprised when R2-D2 and C-3PO wished to return to Skywalker's service. He stated that he had never seen such devotion before.

Kligson himself was an imposing figure. Being nearly entirely cybernetic, he required no food or water. He had enhanced his cybernetics, granting him great physical strength and stamina. He had also installed blasters in his hands.


Kligson-record version

An alternate Kligson as seen in The Further Adventures: Droid World


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