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"Wow! That's it! Droid World. Only a mechanical genius could have built a ship like that out of space salvage."
Luke Skywalker[src]

Kligson's Moon, also known as Droid World, was a massive mobile platform that served as a home for the cyborg Kligson and his band of droids that he had rescued.

Kligson's Moon was 800 meters long. It required a minimal crew of 20, but was usually operated by 20 gunners and 1,000 other droids. It carried 2,000 droid passengers, 5,000 metric tons of cargo, and 2 years' consumables. It had a class 4 hyperdrive and a class 10 backup and had a nav computer. It was equipped with shields, 30 turbolaser batteries, and 5 tractor beam projectors.


Droid World was created at some unspecified point after the Clone Wars when Kligson was saved by the addition of cybernetic prostheses. After being disenchanted with organic beings, he helped in the creation of a large space station where he could live in isolation as a hermit along with various droids that he had rescued or repaired. Due to Kligons's desire to be left alone, the station remained myth and legend among the spaceways.

Luke Skywalker learned of Kligson's Moon and traveled to it with a damaged Imperial warbot in order to get a scan of it in order to find a weakness against the war machine. As he approached droid world, he received a warning shot from the stations weapon system and spoke to Captain Kligson himself. Skywalker managed to convince Kligson to repair the droid but the ruler of Droid World was adamant that no Human step on his space station. The droids R2-D2 and C-3PO traveled by shuttle to the station in Skywalker's stead.


Kligson's moon enters hyperspace.

While studying and repairing the warbot, Kligson's Moon suffered from an insurrection which was led by the droid ZX-3 who had been secretly sent by the Galactic Empire to take over Droid World. Though the droid believed it had killed Kligson, he had in fact destroyed a droid duplicate. Kligson had anticipated the possibility of a rebellion and had built his own warbot and army to quell the insurrection which raged over the space platform's surface. Kligson proved to be the victor but at a terrible cost as half the population of droids were destroyed.

In order to maintain his privacy, Droid World was moved into the Unknown Regions in order for its ruler and inhabitants to live in peace. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Iron Knights repelled an attack by the Yuuzhan Vong on Kligson's Moon.


"But I have two rules in my world. First, that no human set foot on my planet. And second, anything I repair I keep."
―Kligson to Luke Skywalker.[src]

Kligson's Moon.

The platform was massive and mobile allowing it to move about space on its own power. It contained a number of weapon systems which were capable of being directed to fire warning shots against enemies. Internally, it was large enough allowing it to hold thousands of droids as well as repair facilities to fix any damaged machines. Smelting pools were also present which were used to melt machines that were non-functional.

Droid World was noted as having no organic lifeforms on its surface and was completely dominated by machines and droids.



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