Klimo was a Rodian male who gave up his farming life to become a cadet in the Resistance against the First Order. He was recruited in 34 ABY, and he enthusiastically befriended fellow cadet Mattis Banz. A month into training, the team was disbanded after Hansen triggered the base shutdown during a disagreement with Jerjerrod. Klimo, Banz, and a few other cadets were sent on a mission to Vodran to scavenge parts for the Resistance. However, the swamp planet ran amok with immigrated creatures left by Harra the Hutt, and the cadets were attacked by a group of rancors. Outmatched, Klimo, Banz, and cadet Lorica Demaris attempted to escape aboard their starship. However, Banz and Demaris were thrown from the ship when a rancor hit it, and Klimo was[1] thought to be killed[2] when the rancors tore into the wreck[1] but later was later found on an abandoned Star Destroyer by J-Squadron, Ymmoss, and Cost Niktur.[2]

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