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This article is about a musical instrument. You may be looking for Kloo, a Trandoshan.

The kloo horn.

The kloo horn was a double-reeded wind instrument, larger than a Slitherhorn and a Fizzz[1] (roughly 1.5 meters tall), and one of the most commonly used instruments in the galaxy. It was considered a primary instrument for musicians specializing in the field of Jizz or Jatz. The mouthpiece of a kloo horn extended into a handheld "S" shaped body where players could use their hands to make adjustments for tone and pitch. The average kloo horn weighed approximately 1.2 kilograms. By the pricing standards used late in the Galactic Civil War, a well-kept kloo horn could be purchased for roughly 2,000 New Republic credits.

Notable kloo horn players included:

Rebel Alliance intelligence chief Airen Cracken once escaped Imperial detention by claiming to be a Kloo horn player.

The available pieces for kloo horn included The Hutt Two-Step.[3]


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