"Sir, we are scheduled for another seven hours around Klytus V…"
―An Imperial ensign, to Visler Korda[1]

Klytus V,[1] also known as just Klytus,[2] was a gas giant in the fifth orbital position of a star system located on the edge of Wild Space[1] in grid square H-15 of the Standard Galactic Grid.[2] The planet had at least one prominent storm in its atmosphere, and its eye was crimson in color and visible from orbit.[1] Klytus V shared its name with Klytus V Station.[3]

Approximately one year after the proclamation of the New Order,[4] Captain Visler Korda of the Galactic Empire was tasked with cataloging gas giants on the edge of Wild Space. While cataloging Klytus V, an ensign informed Korda that they were scheduled to orbit the planet for an additional seven hours.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Klytus V first appeared in the canon junior novel Adventures in Wild Space: The Steal, which was written by Cavan Scott and published in 2016. Klytus V appears in the novel's first chapter, titled "Shady Business."[1] Klytus V was also mentioned on a map created for the reference book Star Wars: Timelines, where it was labeled as simply "Klytus." The map was published as part of a blog post on StarWars.com on May 27, 2022 prior[2] to the book's release on November 29, 2022.[5]



Notes and references[]

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