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"But, Latara, I do chores. Training to lead the tribe one day is a big responsibility."
―Princess Kneesaa[4]

Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka was a female Ewok who served as Princess of Bright Tree Village, daughter of Chief Chirpa and Ra-Lee, and younger sister to Asha. Later, she became the Chieftainess of Bright Tree Village and wife of Wicket Wystri Warrick. In her youth, she was part of the same circle of friends that included Wicket, Paploo, Teebo, and Latara. The young Ewoks had many adventures on the forest moon of Endor, involving such creatures as Gupins, Yuzzums, Duloks, and Morag the Tulgah witch.

Kneesaa, who had lost her mother and sister while she was young, often wished for their return, though she was not lonely due to her friends. She was known as the more mature Ewok in the group, and was often seen as a voice of reason. This did not stop the adventures her friends went on, and she joined them, though she was in training to become the chieftainess of Bright Tree Village. Kneesaa sometimes challenged her father on controversial topics, such as the lighting of the Tree of Light, in which she and Latara secretly participated.

Kneesaa was reunited with her sister, Asha, after finding her in the middle of the night while she sneaked out. Her father, Chief Chirpa, was overjoyed to his daughter once again. Later, danger struck the Ewok village—incoming Imperials and an Imperial scientist, Raygar, captured the Ewoks' precious Sunstar. Raygar used it to try to kill Emperor Palpatine, but Wicket caused Raygar to miss Palpatine's shuttle, and Kneesaa retrieved the Sunstar, freed Wicket and defeated Raygar with her partner. The Sunstar was later destroyed during a battle against the Imperials and the Griagh near Endor shield generator bunker. Endor remained occupied by the Empire until the Battle of Endor, in which the Empire was defeated. Kneesaa later married Wicket Wystri Warrick, and ruled Bright Tree Village with him after her father's death.


Early life[]


"Now what are you up to?"
"Oh, just humming a lullaby my mama would sing to my sister and me."
Urgah and Kneesaa[5]

When Kneesaa was just a wokling, she, her mother Ra-Lee, and her older sister Asha were attacked by a hanadak in the forest. When her father Chief Chirpa came later, only Kneesaa remained; Ra-Lee was dead, and there was no trace of Asha, except her torn cloak. Chirpa raised Kneesaa by himself, though despite growing up an only child, and frequently wishing she could see her sister again, Kneesaa was not lonely.[6]

Ra-Lee and Kneesaa

As Kneesaa grew up, she became close friends with her childhood sweetheart Wicket (a young scout who dreamed of becoming an Ewok warrior), Teebo (another young scout who had special abilities of becoming a wizard), and her best friend Latara (a young flutist and a potential hoodmaker). More mature than her three friends, she frequently advised them when they were getting themselves into in trouble or embarking on foolish adventures.[3] During their adventures during her childhood years, Kneesaa was often seen wearing a blue gem on her hood, which was given to her by Asha as a gift the day she disappeared.[6]

The first attack of Phlogs[]

On one occasion, when Kneesaa and Wicket were picking berries in the forest, they stumbled upon two creatures attempting to cut down the forest's trees. When they brought this news to the Council of Elders, the Elders were somewhat skeptical of the children, but decided to send out a scouting party the next day. Unsatisfied with the decision of the Council, the young Ewoks turned to the shaman Logray, who told them the creatures were Phlogs of Simoom. Logray gave them a white powder which they were able to use on the Phlogs to make them run back to their own land and leave the Ewoks' forest alone. During the celebration that day, both Wicket and Kneesaa were made honorary members of the Council of Elders.[7]

Kneesaa after winning the Log Ride Contest

The midsummer festival[]

The annual midsummer festival was another special time for the Ewoks, as they would participate in contests to show what they could do best. Wicket encouraged Kneesaa to enter the basket-weaving contest, but she felt that she would rather enter a competition in which she wasn't so experienced. When she expressed interest in the archery contest, an event which Wicket intended to win, he revealed to Kneesaa his sexist views on females in athletics. When Kneesaa entered the contest anyway, Wicket continued to put her down and promote his chauvinistic viewpoint. Still determined, Kneesaa entered the vine-swinging contest and then inadvertently got herself into the dangerous Log Ride Contest, and won. This impressed Wicket, so much so that he apologized to Kneesaa, realizing that girls could in fact be good at sports. Kneesaa then suggested that Wicket might perhaps win the next year's basket-weaving contest.[8]

Making magic potions[]

"Kneesaa, you're wonderful. You mixed a shrinking potion, not a sleeping one. We're saved."

One summer, the Duloks (a rival tribe of the Ewoks) sabotaged a dam, trying to flood the forest and the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village and to destroy their trees. The renowned Ewok woodcutter Chukha-Trok felled a gigantic tree, and it stopped the water, giving the Ewoks a chance to repair the dam. But the sound of water echoed through a vast cavern beneath the forest floor, waking up the Kradak, a giant beast that had been hibernating there for thousands of years. The big creature opened a huge hole and appeared from the ground. The creature started to crash some trees with each swing of its terrible neck. Chief Chirpa was terrified, fearing that the Kradak could destroy the village by simply crashing the support tree.[9]

The first shaman Logray ran to his hut, but a branch fell from a tree and knocked him out. Kneesaa knelt over him and, when she realized that Logray wasn't seriously hurt, darted into the shaman's hut. The Princess had watched Logray mixing some magic potions, and tried to make one than could be used against the Kradak. When Kneesaa finished a first potion, she ran out, clasping a bowl of steaming green liquid. But while she was still on the high level of the village, Kneesaa stumbled, splashing the potion over all the Ewoks on the ground fighting the beast. That was a sleeping potion. Every Ewok became unconscious, except Kneesaa and her friends Wicket and Teebo.[9]

Teebo, Kneesaa and Wicket celebrating the victory against the Kradak

Quickly, Kneesaa returned to Logray's hut, made another potion (that was yellow) and returned to his two friends with the potion's bowl, flowing the liquid over the Kradak. The beast started to shrink, becoming smaller than an Ewok's hand. This time, Kneesaa made a shrinkroot potion. Shortly, the other Ewoks returned to their senses, Kneesaa and Wicket built a tiny cage for the little beast, and the couple and Teebo celebrated their victory.[9]

Saved by Wicket and Teebo[]

Kneesaa, Wicket and Teebo began to pick berries as a hobby. However, during one of these outings, Kneesaa stepped on the poisonous nightshade thorn. Immediately taking her to the village, it was announced that Kneesaa could only be saved if they had sunnydew nectar from the sunnydew flower—which Bright Tree Village was completely depleted of. Wicket and Teebo, learning of this, set out to find the nectar from the only available source, an Ogre named Gantu. They eventually were able to claim some nectar, although not from Gantu, and saved Kneesaa.[10]

The chieftainess-to-be training years[]

Heiress of chieftain[]

"But, Logray! How can you defend what's yours and live the way you want to live without hurting anyone?"

At a celebration for her birthday, Kneesaa received some very special gifts. One was a baby bordok whom Wicket and Teebo had spent many weeks training for her; she named him Baga. Another gift was one her father presented her: a ruling staff made from a branch of the Gemwood tree. Chirpa announced that if should anything ever happen to him, Kneesaa would become the new ruler of the village. This did not sit well with some of the elders; First Elder Kazak spoke out, saying that all Ewok leaders had always been men, and that "the leader of the Ewoks should at least be sturdy enough to carry a spear into battle!"[11]

Captain Krag provoking Kneesaa before his defeat

This deeply troubled Kneesaa, but she was given an opportunity to prove herself soon enough: when a group of Zorbian space pirates led by Captain Krag attacked the village to steal the Gemwood tree, she led the women and children Ewoks and defeated the Zorbians without a single Ewok being harmed. Her father was very proud of her, as were Kazak and the other elders. They admitted that they were wrong and said that Kneesaa would be, and already was, a strong leader.[11]

Fight for a sacred wood[]

"When we get to the Quork city, I just hope we can find Wicket, Teebo!"
"And let's hope we find him… alive!"
―Kneesaa and Teebo[12]

Kneesaa and Teebo attack a Quork guard, to save their friend Wicket.

Chief Chirpa later declared Kneesaa, Wicket, and Teebo the guests of honor for the harvest ceremony. The distinction allowed them journey to a location on Endor where the mountains and the forest met, a location Wicket had scouted before, to harvest the special light wood the Ewoks used to make their hang gliders. Upon their arrival, they discovered that the trees had already been harvested by the Quorks. Upon trying to escape, Wicket was captured by a devil beast. The Quorks then presented Wicket and the harvested wood as gifts to their king, Marlox. The king ordered Wicket to build a glider for him, but Wicket refused and insulted the king. Wicket was then sentenced to solitary confinement in a cell with no food or water. Left behind, Kneesaa and Teebo searched for Wicket. Before Wicket was even put into his cell, his two friends attempted to rescue him, but they failed and all three Ewoks were instead imprisoned. Marlox later forced the Ewok boys to build him a glider by threatening Kneesaa's life if they didn't. The Ewoks outsmarted the king by building a him a glider that would not fly, and they rescued Kneesaa and returned home with the sacred wood for the harvest ceremony.[12]

Saving a baby foonar[]

Kneesaa saving the baby Dooni from the alien invaders

Kneesaa and Wicket were out in the forest one day when they were encountered by Dooni, a baby foonar who had been separated from his mother. As they went to search for the missing mother, Wicket fell into large hole in the ground and injured his ankle. The hole, he surmised, was intended for foonars; after Kneesaa rescued Wicket, they soon found further evidence with a prodding rod, although Wicket was able to use the rod as a crutch to relieve his injured ankle. The couple soon discovered the ship of the foonar-capturing invaders, and Wicket quickly climbed up the outside of the ship and observed the goings on inside. But the ship's thin viewport was not only unable to block sound waves, but it also could not withstand the weight of a small Ewok, for Wicket shattered the window and fell though it and into the ship. After a quick skirmish with the aliens, Wicket was able to escape through the window from which he came. The aliens decided that one Ewok was no threat to them, but they had underestimated Wicket Warrick. He knew all about the aliens' plans to utilize the foonars to power their "harvester" to cut down the trees of the forest. Wicket and Kneesaa wasted no time in hijacking the harvester machine, and while Kneesaa was fighting the alien invaders, Wicket demonstrated his technological prowess by engaging the blade and pointing the machine towards the invaders' own ship. As the aliens fled the moon, Dooni's mother destroyed the harvester and was reunited with her child.[13]

Some days after, Kneesaa was unable to convince Wicket not to steal Logray's staff, to show Kneesaa and Teebo some magic tricks he was learning from the shaman. The Ice Demon Stagorr was watching the young Ewoks via his magical ice mirror. When Wicket used the staff to summon a cool freeze from the Ice Mountain, Stagorr tricked Wicket into summoning a wind tunnel from there and inadvertently transporting Wicket into the heart of the mountain. When Kneesaa and Teebo told Logray what happened, the old shaman departed to save Wicket from the Stagorr.[14]

Mount Sorrow[]

"If he is worthy, I shall weep for him!"
―Mount Sorrow[15]

When Teebo was put under the Perilous Laughing Spell, Kneesaa and Wicket soon learned that the only cure to reverse the unusual spell was the tears of the sentient mountain Mount Sorrow. After journeying with Wicket and Teebo to the mountain, they eventually were able to converse with the Mountain. After much trouble, Teebo decided that he would rather stay under the spell then risk something happening to his friends. Sorrow was very moved at this statement and wept for Teebo.[15]

Helping Chief Chirpa to fight the Kreegon[]

"I just can't stay here and do nothing!"
"But, Kneesaa, your father said…"
"He said it was his duty to help our people! And it's my duty to help him… If I can!"
―Kneesaa shows her bravery to Wicket[16]

One day, Chief Chirpa departed alone to fight the Kreegon, a deceased, dangerous and big predator turned back to life by Morag's magic. After seeing the reborn monster through Logray's crystal image spinner, Kneesaa decided to help her father. Wicket offered himself to go with her, and the two young Ewoks departed together. Some hours later, the couple found and freed Chirpa (who was trapped by Morag), and the three Ewoks departed to find the Kreegon.[16]

Kneesaa (with a Logray's amulet), Chirpa and Wicket

The Kreegon was found destroying some trees and going to the Bright Tree Village. The predator was under Morag's sorcery, and didn't see the Ewoks calling him. So, Kneesaa threw Logray's amulet against the monster, making a explosion that attracted the monster's attention. The Kreegon started to persecute the three Ewoks. They followed Chirpa's plan: when they found Morag again, the three Ewoks jumped to escape from Morag's blast. The witch hit the Kreegon's eye, and the predator returned to be a skeleton. The Kreegon's bones covered Morag, and Chirpa, Kneesaa and Wicket went back home.[16]

R2-D2 and C-3PO[]

The morning of the day upon which the Ewoks were to seal a peace treaty with their longtime foes the Duloks, Wicket and Kneesaa spotted a blazing object falling from the sky. The couple followed Chirpa into Logray's hut, where the shaman read from his fortune stones that the blinding light was a sign of good fortune for that special day. Wicket was among the party who ventured to the swamp where the object had crashed. The other Ewoks began to flee when the object, an escape pod, started to move, but Wicket stayed behind when the alien "Star Child" emerged from the pod. The then delighted Ewoks fed the child honey and began to take him back to their village.[17]

However, when Wicket and Kneesaa heard a strange sound, they returned to the crash site and saw two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, which they assumed were demons. When the droids pursued them, the Ewoks ran, but in his haste Wicket tripped the wire of a Dulok trap, bringing down a boulder large enough to crush both the Ewoks and the droids.[17] The group was saved, however, when R2-D2 extended his third tread to stand on and used his other two legs to catch the boulder over their heads and toss it aside. When C-3PO explained to Wicket and Kneesaa in their own language that their "Star Child," Prince Plooz, was not a good omen for the Ewok/Dulok treaty but rather a rebellious prince and the key to preventing interplanetary war, Wicket surmised that the trap they had just escaped meant the Duloks were not actually sincere about the proposed peace treaty.[18]

Wicket and Kneesaa meet R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Kneesaa, Wicket and the droids returned to Bright Tree Village warn the tribe, only to learn that the Peace Council had already left with Prince Plooz to meet with the Duloks. By the time Wicket, Kneesaa, and the droids reached the bridge where the two parties were to meet, Gorneesh, the Dulok king, had already kidnapped young Plooz and was having his men sever the ropes of the bridge while the Ewoks where still on it. However, when Ibleam's light shone on the highly reflective C-3PO and the Duloks saw him approaching, they feared he was a glowing Ewok demon, so they abandoned their attack. Wicket then realized that C-3PO was the figure of Logray's prophecy, not the Star Child as they had previously thought.[18]

When young Plooz attempted to cross the unstable bridge, Wicket, knowing the child would never make it across, grabbed the end of a rope supplied by the ever-resourceful R2-D2, tied it around his waist, and jumped off the cliff, grabbing hold of the child just in time. After the astromech reeled the two back up to solid ground, the Ewoks escorted Plooz and the droids back to their starship so that they could return to their own place and time to settle the Alzarian/Sooman conflict.[18]

With the Fleebogs[]

"It's never too late! I hope!"

Kneesaa proved her worth once again when she was shrunken and kidnapped by the Fleebogs. Despite the fact that she continued to shrink, she bested the ra-lugg beast and proved to the Fleebog that even small beings could handle big threats.[19]

Morag's thorn monster[]

"Logray told us that too much water can be as harmful to a plant as too little!"
―Kneesaa to Wicket[20]

When the shaman Logray chose to take a short vacation, Kneesaa and Wicket helped him carry his things to his vacation spot and volunteered to take care of his herb garden back home. Wicket struggled with the gardening, claiming he was "a scout, not a farmer!" While Kneesaa warned him about over-watering the plants, Wicket spotted a flash of light from up in the tree huts. Once the duo reached the village, they saw that the witch Morag had come to destroy the Ewoks; she made a glowing thorn bush sprout from the ground which would grow stronger by drawing up all of the moisture from the ground, eventually killing the forest.[20]

Kneesaa runs from Morag and her thorn monster.

As Kneesaa and Wicket went to get Logray back to the village, they ran into Morag's beast. First, Wicket slowed the beast by pouring a large jar of honey over it, and then they used vines to tie it to a tree. They finally reached the shaman, but unable to escape from Morag's spell, Logray sent his staff with Wicket so that he might stop the growing thorn bush. Along the way, Wicket used the staff to freeze Morag's fang-faced beast in midair. When they reached the plant, Wicket tried to stop it with Logray's staff, but it was no use; Morag had transformed the plant into a giant walking thorn monster.[20]

As the Ewoks fled, Wicket came up with a way to stop the monster. They headed toward the lake near the hot springs and jumped in for a swim. When the beast followed them into the water, it began expanding so rapidly that it finally exploded (according Kneesaa's advise about over-watering the plants), causing a rain fall over the forest.[20]

Captain Zornak's slave[]

"Looks like the people have spoken, Kneesaa!"
"Yes… But I'm just worried about what my father will say, Wicket!"
―Wicket and Kneesaa, about the villager's fury against Teebo[21]

When Chief Chirpa and Logray must travel to the Spirit Tree to give thanks for the good fortune it was shed on the tribe that year, they raffled Teebo to be the tribe's leader for that day. But Teebo failed on his job, and left the village to escape from the villager's fury.[21]

Some minutes later, an alien creature, Captain Zornak, arrived and offered Kneesaa and Wicket some crystals as gifts. But the crystals were magic, and turned the couple to be Zornak's slaves. So they helped Zornak to give magic crystals for all the villagers. Zornak and his travelers planned to order the enslaved Ewoks to mine them Endorian gems and left Endor with them on board their spaceship.[21]

When Teebo returned, he saw the village all deserted. Some minutes later, he discovered all the true about Kneesaa and the other's slavering. Later, Teebo freed Wicket, and the two forced Zornak to free Kneesaa and the others and left Endor with his travelers.[21]

Kneesaa, the Elder[]

"Drop-the-sack? Paploo, you know the elders forbid us to play that stupid game."
"Take it easy, Cousin. We won't get caught."
"I think you're being foolish. Hunf!"
―Kneesaa and Paploo[22]

Sometimes, Kneesaa acted like an Elder, suggested by her father and other real Elders. On one occasion, while she and Wicket were bathing the pet bordok Baga, Paploo invited them and Teebo to a "relaxing" game of drop-the-sack. Kneesaa refused, and left the three boys alone with their "stupid game."[22]

Some hours later, when the Wisties, under a spell by Morag, started a forest fire near Bright Tree Village, Kneesaa helped the three boys and Latara save the trees, dousing them with Logray's magic foam as she and her friends flew over them on their hang gliders. The Ewoks had a little help of Queen Izrina and other Wisties uncursed by the magic foam.[22]

Joining Wicket's jobs[]

"I'll help baby-sit, Wicket. Come on, Wicket. It'll be fun."
―Kneesaa to Wicket[23]

Again out picking sunberries with Kneesaa, Wicket saved her from the grip of a mantigrue which they later learned was on a mission from Morag to steal their sunberry trees. Although Wicket wanted to help the Ewoks with their plan to turn the trees invisible by way of shadowroot soap, he was instead given babysitting duty, a job which included taking woklings to their baths. Kneesaa offered herself to help Wicket on the duty, attracting the woklings' sympathy. Some Duloks watching nearby then conceived of a plot to steal the Ewoks' bathing soap to rid themselves of their bug problem. Upon his return to the village, Wicket found that many of the trees were invisible, but since Logray had forgotten about those near the river, Kneesaa, Wicket and the children volunteered to coat them with shadowroot soap.[23]

Kneesaa shows her father some Dulok footprints she found at Bright Tree Village.

When the Duloks stole soap from Bright Tree Village, they got rid of more than just bugs, for they had taken the shadowroot soap by accident. While the Ewoks were covering the trees by the river, Kneesaa and Wicket heard the Duloks' voices as they passed by, but did not see anything. But when they returned to the Woklings, they found that they had got what was left of the soap all over themselves rather than the trees. The couple returned to the village to report that they had not gotten every tree covered. Kneesaa discovered some Dulok footprints, and so the Ewoks learned of the Duloks' scheme upon conferring with Logray. The shaman later had Wicket, Kneesaa and their friends go out and gather bugs. Then, Wicket was sent on a mission to sneak among the Duloks and replace their soap with a new one made by Logray that would attract bugs. While Wicket was found by King Gorneesh, he eventually succeeded in swapping the soap. While the Duloks was taking bath with the magic soap, Kneesaa and Latara freed some bugs, that attacked the Duloks.[23]

However, after the Duloks were dealt with, Wicket realized he had dropped the magic soap into a puddle. After regretting that he had failed his tribe, and under Kneesaa's consolation, Wicket bagged up a portion of the puddle and sprinkled the liquid over the remaining visible bushes while he swung from a vine. The mantigrue returned to the village, but it left when it did not see any sunberries.[23]

Return of the Phlogs[]

"When you sing a lullaby, you sing a lullaby."
―Wicket to Kneesaa[5]

Kneesaa and Latara were the first to spot the return of the Phlogs to the Ewoks' land. When Kneesaa recounted the tale to the Council of Elders, Wicket observed carefully. But at the same time, Teebo's younger sister Malani began expressing a romantic interest in Wicket. Later, with his close friends, Wicket mocked Malani and made clear his lack of interest in her. Kneesaa didn't show jealousy, but questioned Wicket's hard words about Malani. But the young Malani overheard from nearby and became deeply hurt. As the four teen Ewoks continued to play, a small munyip communicated to Teebo about Malani, and that she had run off into the forest.[5]

Now concerned, the four went off to find Malani, which took a special urgency when the Phlogs suddenly on the rampage for some reason. During this, they were persecuted by the Phlogs, but escaped. While Wicket and Teebo were alone, searching for Malani, Kneesaa and Latara told Chirpa and Logray about the new Phlogs' attack, who were claiming the Ewoks had kidnapped Nahkee, their lost youngest son. On the top of a steep rock, the four Ewoks were talking and watching the Phlogs, who were on the floor. Zut found the four Ewoks, and throwed some big stones against them, crashing the steep rock and making the girls drop down there. But Logray used his magic to turn a tree like a giant hand, and it saved the two young Ewoks. Out of Phlogs' view, Kneesaa asked Latara to find Nahkee, the giant baby Phlog.[5]

Latara and Kneesaa playing and singing a lullaby for the Duloks

Some minutes later, Kneesaa and Latara were arrested by some Dulok scouts, and were taken to the Dulok swamp, where Wicket, Teebo, Malani and Nahkee were already arrested. Nahkee, it turned out, was merely a pawn in an elaborate plot by Morag and the Duloks. The Ewoks, now held captive by King Gorneesh, plotted their escape, and Wicket apologized to Malani for hurting her feelings. Kneesaa started to hum a lullaby that her deceased mother sang to her and Asha some years earlier. Lady Urgah ordered Kneesaa to sing the same lullaby to the Duloks, and the young Princess started to sing with the sound of Latara's flute. So Nahkee and all the Duloks slept. The Ewoks then succeeded in fleeing the Duloks and were able to reunite Nahkee with his parents, thereby foiling the Duloks' plot and having them suffer Morag's wrath.[5]

A day with the Warricks[]

Kneesaa and Deej Warrick on the fishing trip

Kneesaa became a good friend of all members of Warrick family. One day, the Princess was enjoying a fishing day with Deej and his three sons Wicket Wystri Warrick (Kneesaa's sweetheart since their childhood), Weechee and Willy. Suddenly, Deej and the other Ewoks all struggled to pull in the huge fish Deej had hooked. The Ewoks all soon fell back as the fish got away. Deej fell harder than the others and cut his arm on a deadly Rokna tree fungus. The Ewoks took Deej to the medicine man Logray who sent the Warrick brothers off to find the ingredients needed for their father's cure.[24]

Kneesaa stayed in the Warricks' hut with Logray, the sick Deej, his wife Shodu and the younger child Winda. When the Warrick brothers returned with the needed ingredients, the three and the ladies waited around Deej while Logray concocted the healing potion. Logray then brought Deej back to health, much to the Warrick family and Kneesaa's delight.[24]

Traveling with the Jindas[]

Kneesaa, Wicket, Teebo and Paploo were going to look at Paploo's new raft, and they invited Latara to join them, but Latara was not allowed to since her parents had been making her clean up their hut. When the Travelling Jindas came to town, Chief Chirpa allowed them to stay at Bright Tree Village and perform their show, which the Ewoks all watched and enjoyed. The next day, Latara decided to stow away with the Jinda travelers and hone her flute skills, and she made Wicket, Kneesaa, and Teebo swear not to tell anyone where she had gone. But the elder Ewoks did learn of Latara's disappearance, and fearing the worst, Latara's friends departed to find her. Logray gave Kneesaa a magic seed for use in an emergency and sent them on their way.[25]

Kneesaa, Paploo, Wicket and Teebo disguised as Jindas

Wicket followed the Jindas' path by finding scarves and things they'd left behind, and helped save Kneesaa from a close call on a rickety bridge. They found the Jindas just as a pair of Duloks were kidnapping Latara so that she could babysit the Dulok children. Rather than follow the Duloks, Wicket decided that they should disguise themselves as and perform with the Jindas in a show for the Duloks. When the plan didn't go quite as expected and their cover was blown, they ran and were pursued by the Duloks. When Kneesaa got stuck in the swamp and the Duloks closed in, Wicket stopped the Duloks in their tracks by taking the magic seed Logray had given to Kneesaa and throwing it into the water, causing a giant, tentacled creature to emerge from the waters and grab the Duloks. Then, the Ewoks and the Jindas camped around a stake, when Latara told Kneesaa and the others she wanted to go back home, choosing to stay with her Ewok friends, even not having fame and applause. Later, the young Ewoks returned to the village while the Jindas went on their way.[25]

Changing more traditions[]

"But, father, you have to let me go!"
"The Sacred Dust is always carried to the tree by young men."
"Oh, but couldn't the tradition change?"
"I'm sorry, daughter. No."
―Kneesaa and Chirpa[26]

Before a Light Festival quest to renew the Tree of Light, Kneesaa made more controversial topics of gender roles and traditions. The Princess asked to be the one to feed the Tree of Light, joining with Weechee, Willy, Teebo, and her cousin Paploo. But her father Chief Chirpa said that only male young Ewoks have done so in the past. When Kneesaa pleaded for the tradition to be changed, Chirpa refused.[26]

Some hours later, Kneesaa, her sweetheart Wicket and her best friend Latara secretly joined the regular expedition to renew the Tree of Light, despite the fact that the three were forbidden because of their ages and the girls' gender. Fortunately, the trespassers acquitted themselves so well in the successful mission despite the dangerous opposition by the Duloks that they all not only escaped punishment, but were awarded Silver Feathers of Bravery as well.[26]

The lucky rock[]

"How come you're not praising your lucky stone, Wicket?"
"I traded for that stone because I wanted to, and I gave it to someone I like, not some greedy Ewok who tried to get me to trade for something they wanted."
―Paploo and Wicket, who defends getting the lucky stone he gave to Kneesaa[27]

As the winter seasoned neared, a group of Ewoks (Kneesaa, Wicket, Weechee, Willy, Paploo, Teebo, and Latara) were sent off to barter for goods with the trader Mooth. Since Chirpa had warned not to waste the village's surplus on anything "foolish," Wicket had personally collected and polished a bag of monmon seeds to trade for his something of his own. Although the other Ewoks each had their own ideas as to what he should get, Wicket decided to trade for a "lucky" stone, which he gave to Kneesaa, since she was the only other one in the group who liked it. Wicket and Kneesaa were falling in love with each other.[27]

The Ewoks soon found themselves short of luck when a group of Skandits separated them from the wagon of goods and imprisoned them. However, when the Traveling Jindas passed through and learned that their onetime member Latara[25] was in trouble, the Jindas put on a show for the Skandits and helped the Ewoks escape. Then, the Ewoks and the Jindas fled to Bright Tree Village.[27]

Kneesaa giving the lucky stone to the Rock Wizard

Paploo and Weechee continued to deride Wicket about his lucky stone while Logray helped rid the Jindas of the Rock Wizard's curse which forced them to always be on the move. The Rock Wizard himself then showed up at the village in a destructive rage, but he was stopped when he saw Kneesaa wearing her lucky stone—his missing tooth. Once his tooth was back in place, the Wizard was back to his jolly old self, and he called off the Jindas' curse. Chief Chirpa asked the Jindas to not forget Kneesaa's little help, and Wicket reminded Paploo and Weechee of their comments about the "stupid little rock."[27]

Friend of the Gupins[]

"Arandy, Gupins! I am Princess Kneesaa of Ewoks. We came to save you from the Trekkers."
―Kneesaa to some Gupin scouts[28]

Kneesaa, Paploo, Wicket, and Mring-Mring defend the Gupin stronghold.

In an effort to return the favor to Mring-Mring for helping save Deej,[24] Wicket pledged to aid Mring-Mring in his mission to open the Juniper Chest which would renew the Gupins' flying and shapeshifting powers so that they could keep the Grass Trekkers away. Kneesaa, Teebo and Paploo joined the mission with Wicket and Mring-Mring. The party traveled the waters by canoe and through the Endorian Grasslands on the backs of Makants; all the while Wicket stayed true to his cause and Wicket and Kneesaa ensured Mring-Mring that he had the power to save his people. The three asked to enter Gupin stronghold, but the Gupin scouts refused, telling that a Gupin who left the stronghold could never return. So Kneesaa tried to use her royal credential to convince the scouts, but only Mring-Mring did it, when told he had the key necessary to open the Juniper Chest.[28]

Once they reached the Gupin stronghold, Paploo and Wicket helped blockade the doors to keep out the Grass Trekkers. Mring-Mring succeeded in opening the chest, restoring the powers of his people, and taking the throne as their new king. That night, the four Ewoks were honored guests at the Gupin celebration.[28]

Morag's end[]

"I have a bad feeling about this."
―Kneesaa while hearing the disguised Morag's voice[2]

Sometimes later, Teebo became the apprentice of the shaman Logray. Curious to see what kind of magic their friend was up to, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Latara spied on Teebo one day, only to learn that Logray had him doing household chores rather than magic spells. The three friends derided Teebo, so in an effort to prove his sorcerer's ways, Teebo took the group out into the forest to show off his magic. But Teebo's tricks failed, and Wicket ridiculed him even more.[2]

As the Ewoks left Teebo, Wicket heard the sound of a woman singing, and they traced the voice back to a beautiful felinoid in a glistening cave. But all was not as it seemed, for the graceful creature then turned into a familiar old Tulgah and the shining cave turned dark; the Ewoks had walked into Morag's trap.[2]

Kneesaa and Latara saving Logray

Just as Morag had planned, Logray went to rescue the now enslaved young Ewoks, bringing the Sunstar along with him. Logray was trapped, too, but Kneesaa and Latara fought the Morag's Yuzzum guards and freed the shaman. Shortly after this, Morag increased her power by joining the Sunstar with her Shadowstone. She then used her volcanic lair to transform herself into a gigantic lava creature. The young Ewoks watched while she and Logray battled, but the Ewoks prevailed when Logray summoned a gusher of water and turned Morag into stone, thereby ending the threat which had haunted Bright Tree Village for so many years.[2]

Solidarity for Wicket[]

"Poor Wicket. I know how hard you worked on that wagon."
―Kneesaa to Wicket[29]

One night, Wicket sounded the village drum and awoke the Ewoks from their beds to tell them the Duloks had stolen his grandfather's battle wagon, that Wicket had rebuilt with Malani and Baga (Wicket's brothers and friends, including Kneesaa, didn't help him in the rebuilding). But the villagers did not share Wicket's concern, not even Chief Chirpa. Only Kneesaa was sympathetic to Wicket's loss.[29]

On the next day, Kneesaa and Latara was enjoying a picnic with some Ewok children, when the Duloks passed onboard Wicket's wagon (with the young Ewok scout in a jail) and ruined the picnic's food. Wicket cried to Kneesaa about Gorneesh's plans to destroy the Ewoks' Soul Trees. Immediately, Kneesaa ran to tell her father about the Dulok plot. The Ewok warriors failed in defending the Soul Trees, but Malani and Baga saved Wicket and the two Ewoks defeated the Duloks and saved the trees.[29]

Three lessons for a leader[]

"We can't destroy their home, Wicket, not even to save ours."
―Kneesaa, about the Trome tree[30]

As Kneesaa's friends partied at an afternoon dance, the Princess left her chieftainess-to-be training lesson at Logray's hut to join them. But their dancing was cut short when an ever-growing stranglethorn began wreaking havoc and taking over the village. When Kneesaa realized she was to blame, she set off to gather the three ingredients Logray needed to tame the wild plant. Fearing for Kneesaa's safety, Wicket joined her in her journey.[30]

The first ingredient was Keet nectar. Kneesaa had an idea: the duo could climb up the Keet's palace with leaf-shoes soaked by some kind of glue that was around the palace. Once inside the Keets' labyrinthine hive, the duo evaded the unfriendly Keets and discovered their stockpile of nectar pearls. Next, they learned from a barber bird the proper way to retrieve a ganga root from the ground, and then had to flee with the last root so that the bird would not eat it. They needed to bore the root to extract its air inside and take it from the ground. And thirdly, Wicket spotted a Trome tree; however, the tree only had one branch left, and when the resident Tromes appeared, they pleaded with the Ewoks not to destroy their home. Kneesaa then came up with a new plan, and Wicket instead carried the three Tromes on his shoulders back to the village.[30]

Kneesaa saving some Ewok children (Nippet, Wiley and Malani)

At the village, Kneesaa used the shoes to climb a tall tree where the stranglethorn imprisoned Malani, Nippet and Wiley. The four got off together. The other villagers followed at Kneesaa's plan: While the Tromes distracted the stranglethorn, Wicket sneaked into Logray's hut and retrieved the potion that would tame the plant. Logray instructed Wicket to place one drop into each of the plants mouths, but seeing how many heads the plant had sprouted, Wicket instead gathered a group of acorns into his satchel and poured the potion over them. Then he, the Tromes, and the Ewoks fed them to the plant until it shriveled back to its original size. Some minutes later, Logray said that Kneesaa learned her father's three lessons: the Hand's Lesson (when climbing the Keet's palace), the Head's Lesson (when discovered how to retrieve the ganga root) and the Heart's Lesson (when saving the Trome's tree). The villagers celebrated the victory, and Chief Chirpa became very proud of his daughter again.[30]

Asha returns[]

"Kneesaa, where have you been? You shouldn't have gone out on your own."
"I'm sorry, father. But I had to bring someone home."
―Kneesaa speaks while showing Asha at their hut's entrance[6]

Kneesaa reunited with her sister, Asha

One day, after her friends Paploo, Wicket, and Teebo had come back from their day's travels, they reported that they had seen an Ewok with red fur. Kneesaa, believing this mysterious Ewok to be her sister, went out in the middle of the night to search for her. Together with Wicket, she found Asha many years after their initial separation and took her back to the village, to the delight of Chief Chirpa.[6]

Latara and Wicket's foolish plans[]

"When Teebo told me Latara was looking for a great warrior to get the crystal cloak; I knew I would find the two together."
―Kneesaa to Wicket and Latara[31]

Kneesaa spinning her lasso

Despite the fact Kneesaa's close friends got responsible jobs in the tribe, as herself, they continued getting themselves into trouble. Latara asked Teebo to fix her broken crystal. Teebo told her that he couldn't, nor could any Ewok, ever since the crystal cloak was stolen. It was taken by the Gracca, whom only the greatest of warriors could defeat. With that in mind, Latara knew who to go to. She and Wicket got in their gliders and flew out to the Floating Mountain. After their less than graceful landing, the Gracca was alerted to their presence by a flying flower creature, which the Gracca turned into crystal (as he did everything he touched). When he saw the Ewoks, he tried to stop them by causing huge crystals to rise from the ground. Then Kneesaa and Teebo arrived just in time to save them. Kneesaa spoke against Latara and Wicket's foolish plans.[31]

When the Princess ordered the others to leave the Floating Mountain, the Gracca appeared himself to fight the Ewoks. After Teebo failed with this magic, Kneesaa used her lasso to grab the crystal cloak, but it ended up falling into the lava below. Wicket provoked the enraged Gracca and caused him to crash, thereby trapping himself under a bunch of crystal. So, all that young Ewoks could go back to the village.[31]

Saving a group of mimphs[]

Wicket and Kneesaa saving a group of mimphs

An unidentified green-tongued creature once attacked a group of mimphs and tried to eat them. But Kneesaa and Wicket swooped down on a skin glider and rescued the mimphs.[32]

A guardian for the Soul Trees[]

"So you see, you'll take good care of the soul trees one day."
―The Leaf Queen to Kneesaa[33]

Sometimes later, Kneesaa was not having very good luck with her gardening. Despite her pleading, her last surviving flower died. Kneesaa worried that the village would never trust her to take care of the Soul Trees. Wicket, Latara, and Teebo visited her, but they weren't very encouraging. However, in a sudden swirling wind, the Leaf Queen arrived. She asked Kneesaa to take care of a special plant for her. Kneesaa told her that all the plants she was taken care of have died, but the Queen said to give it "lots of love" and she would do fine. The Queen vowed to return for the plant in three suns time, and with another swirling wind, she vanished.[33]

Kneesaa in trouble with the wish plant

The other Ewoks teased Kneesaa about the plant, and Wicket caused her to spook Baga, causing him to run off, puling the wagon carrying the plant—and now Kneesaa—along with him. They finally crashed in a pit of mud. Kneesaa wished for something to help clean her up, and the plant magically gave her brush. Then she wished for something pretty to wear, and the plant gave her a bow. Teebo discovered that what she had was a wish plant. Latara decided that she wouldn't mind having a wish plant for herself, so she later took the plant from Kneesaa's hut. But the same greed grabbed hold of Wicket, and later Teebo, and the three all kept taking the plant from each other. By the time Kneesaa got it back, the plant was wilted from being all used up.[33]

When the Queen came back for plant, Wicket fibbed that the plant was sleeping because Kneesaa had been giving it naps and that she should return later. The Queen warned them about what happened to the last creature who harmed one of her plants, and to prove it, she destroyed a bag of leaves that had been standing close by. The Queen said that she would return before the sun goes down. The Ewoks were panicked by the gesture, and after the Leaf Queen had departed, they tried everything they could to heal the plant, even trying to find a replacement for the withered shrub. Wicket searched for another wish plant. In the meantime, Teebo tried to heal the plant with a magic spell, but as usual, it didn't turn out quite right. Wicket returned not having any luck either. Kneesaa cried over the plant as she apologized to it. She turned to leave the hut to go tell the Leaf Queen the truth, not seeing that her tears healed the plant. Kneesaa started to apologize, and her friends joined in. But when the Queen retrieved the plant, they all saw that the plant was fine. The Queen then assured Kneesaa that she would take good care of the Soul Trees one day. The wish plant then bloomed some seeds for Kneesaa, which the Queen said she should plant them before it snows. Many of the Ewoks now wanted the Wish Plant seeds.[33]

The couple at the Harvest Festival[]

"Hi, guys. We came to see how you have been doing."
"Ready to admit defeat yet?"
―Kneesaa and Latara to Wicket and Teebo, with all different kinds of salute[34]

Wicket and Kneesaa at the Harvest Festival

When Wicket and Teebo left the Bright Tree Village to leave in an old tree fort in the forest, Kneesaa realized the boys would not be attending the village Harvest Festival that night. So, Kneesaa and Latara brought them some stew for dinner. However, Wicket and Latara got into a culinary quibble which ended with Wicket covered in stew.[34]

The next night, Wicket and Teebo returned to the village, with a new friend, Larry. Kneesaa became satisfied on enjoying the rest of the Harvest Festival with Wicket.[34]

The two princesses[]

"Kneesaa! This is the worst idea you ever had!!!"

While she was washing Ewok clothes, Latara saw Kneesaa riding with Baga and told the Princess that she wanted to be a Princess like Kneesaa for only one day. Latara believed that a princess's life has no chores. So Kneesaa allowed Latara the title of Princess for one day, in order to show her how hard the life of a real princess was. Kneesaa commissioned Wicket and Teebo to be the loyal servants for "Princess" Latara. Kneesaa secretly offered Wicket a Pearl of Patience for his Belt of Honor if he would go along with her idea. "Princess" Latara showed little care for Wicket and Teebo, her "peasant" servants who carried her throne around the village. Wicket eventually became fed up with Latara's treatment of him and revealed that he was only obeying her to gain the item that Kneesaa offered for his belt. That, combined with Teebo's poorly worded compliment, brought Latara to tears, and she ran off into the woods alone.[4]

Kneesaa complaining about Latara's joke

When Latara's three friends began looking for her later, Wicket spotted footprints leading to the grotto of the Gorphs. Kneesaa ordered Wicket and Teebo to help Latara with her. After a long slide downward, the trio learned that Latara had become betrothed to Prince Vork. Wicket came up with a plan to save their faux-princess, but the arrival of Gorph guards made them have to improvise a new strategy. Wicket tackled one guard while Kneesaa took care of the other. When Latara heard Kneesaa's cries, she fled, promising to seek the real Princess to Vork. Obviously, Kneesaa did not appreciate Latara's joke. The four young Ewoks ran to the grotto's exit as the Gorphs pursued. When Wicket realized the ramp they slid down on the way in was too slippery to go back up, he grabbed Latara's heavy crown and threw it at the Gorphs, knocking them all the way back to the Gorph throne room. Once they were free of the grotto, Kneesaa, Wicket, and Teebo all agreed that Latara's time of ordering the Ewoks around was over. Kneesaa became the only Princess of her tribe again.[4]

Baga in danger[]

"Oh! I'll never see Baga again! Isn't there something we can do?"
―The sad Kneesaa, negotiating with the Two-headed Gonster[35]

Kneesaa riding with Baga

Kneesaa was riding with Baga, some hours before to go to the Shadow Night Festival with Wicket. But Kneesaa and Baga was found by the Raich, and the two became terrified. The Raich was accidentally freed by Wicket, who took Raich's hat expecting to wear it as a costume for the Shadow Night Festival. Kneesaa dropped in a giant flower, and Baga was captured by the Raich. After Kneesaa freed herself from the flower, she found her friends Wicket, Teebo, and Latara. The three didn't let the brave Princess go alone. Wicket volunteered to fight the beast, but the Ewoks decided they should instead contact Logray.[35]

Rather than be considered a disgrace to the tribe for releasing the Raich, Wicket chose to find the Two-headed Gonster to have a new cap made for the monster. The Ewoks flew on their hang-gliders to the Twin Hills and landed, after a short run-in with the Gonster's hoosha. After negotiating with the Gonster to make a new cap, Wicket and Kneesaa flew to the Raich's cave in the Dead Forest to administer a potion to slow the Raich down. However, Wicket was unsuccessful with the potion, and he and Kneesaa were instead captured and tied up.[35]

That night, Teebo and Latara flew to the cave with the new magic cap, and Teebo freed his friends while the Raich slept. But the Raich awoke before the Ewoks were away, and he pursued Wicket and his friends into the woods. Kneesaa couldn't help her friends. She was under Baga's attack, when the little bordok was under the Raich's spell. Wicket's first attempt at capping the Raich was unsuccessful, since the Ewoks had forgotten to put the sparkle seeds on the cap. His second try did work, though, and their crisis was ended as the Raich was finally turned back into a tree. Baga was freed from the Raich's spell, and was back to normal. Kneesaa became grateful for Wicket.[35]

While she was going to the Shadow Night Festival with Kneesaa, Wicket did try to tell Chief Chirpa the history, but Kneesaa instead dragged him back to the village's party.[35]

The totem pole[]

"Wicket! We're not supposed to take things from creatures we don't know!"
―Kneesaa, about the Totem Master's totem pole[36]

While the Ewoks juiced the annual dangleberry fruit, Wicket decided that the job was beneath a young warrior like himself. A nearby traveler, known as the Totem Master, heard Wicket's bemoanings and confronted the Ewoks. The Totem Master asked for something to drink, and the Princess offered him some dangleberry juice. After this, he was able to bribe Wicket into taking a totem pole, claiming that all the great warriors had them. Kneesaa said to Wicket that they couldn't receive a gift from unknown creatures. But Wicket accepted the totem pole. After the traveler left, Wicket carried the totem pole back the village by himself. That night, while the Ewoks slept, the traveler went to the village and used his magic ring on the totem pole to bring the totem creatures to life; once free, the creatures burglarized the village and gave their loot to their "Totem Master." When Teebo saw this, he wanted to warn Chief Chirpa, but the Totem Master stopped him and used his magic ring to take over Teebo's mind and make him one of his slaves. Wicket briefly awoke during the night and saw some of these events, but he figured it was only a dream, and so he went back to sleep.[36]

Kneesaa and Wicket disguising themselves as totems

The next morning, when the tribe realized they had been burglarized and Malani reported that her brother Teebo was missing, Wicket realized that what he had seen the previous night was no dream. He, Kneesaa, and Latara set off to find Teebo and their belongings. Once they caught up with the Totem Master, Latara confronted him; however, when he used his magic ring to turn her into a totem slave, Wicket and Kneesaa followed him to his next stop: the Strutter village. While the Totem Master's wagon was in motion, Kneesaa used her lasso to enter in the vehicle, and then gave a hand to help Wicket to join her. The couple disguised themselves as totems, on the top of the pole, and wasn't discovered by the Totem Master.[36] That night, Kneesaa and Wicket tried to stop the Totem Master, but they instead found themselves running from him and were soon captured by the enslaved Latara and Teebo. As the Totem Master tried to use his ring to place his spell on Wicket, he grabbed a Strutter mirror and turned the energy beam back on himself, thereby placing him under his own spell; once the master's ring was destroyed, his slaves were freed of their curse. The next day, the four young Ewoks returned to the village with all of the tribe's stolen belongings.[36]

The lost temple[]

"Wait, Wicket! It also says: 'Ewoks: keep out! Or be doomed!' "
―Kneesaa reading the map's warning, without being heard[37]

Kneesaa reads the map's warning.

When Wicket discovered in Logray's hut a map to a lost temple full of precious jewels, planning to give one to his mother on her birthday, Kneesaa read some advice from the skirting-board. But nobody heard the Princess, and the four friends (Wicket, Kneesaa, Teebo, and Latara) departed to the temple. Once they made their way inside, Latara set off a booby trap which led them all down a long, dangerous slide—right into the treasure room. Wicket picked out a jewel he thought his mother would like, Latara picked out another jewel, and the Ewoks were then chased out of the temple by a purpa, a big Endorian reptile.[37]

Later, during Shodu's birthday party, Latara's own jewel hatched—for the jewels were actually purpa eggs. Kneesaa then took Wicket dancing and told him about the egg. Wicket had to tell his mother about the jewel, but before he could, mother and son were captured by Duloks who wanted to steal the jewel for their queen, Urgah. Later, Wicket convinced Shodu to leave the jewel to Urgah, and the two defeated the Duloks and went back home.[37]

Battle of Thorn Forest[]

"I hope he will forgive me through this!"
―Kneesaa, before saving Wicket, but losing his Belt of Honor[38]

Kneesaa throwing Wicket's Belt of Honor against the Stranger

During the Battle of Thorn Forest, Kneesaa made the two last acts that decided the Ewoks' victory over the Wizards of the Night Spirit. While Wicket was pinning the Stranger to the ground, the Princess used her grappling hook to spin the Sunstar and reverse the ritual that was drawing the Wizards onto the forest moon. At last, when the Stranger tried to carry Wicket out of Endor with him, Kneesaa threw Wicket's lost Belt of Honor around the Stranger's outstretched hands. The strong leather belt soon had the Stranger's hands tied, and he released Wicket from his grasp. The Stranger and the other Wizards of the Night Spirit were banished again, and Kneesaa saved Wicket's life (although Wicket's belt suffered the same fate as the wizards).[38]

Fear about Wicket's possible death[]

"Wicket's slingshot! I'm… I'm beginning to think…"
―Kneesaa, after taking Wicket's broken slingshot, fears the worst[39]

Searching for another trophy for his Belt of Honor, Wicket went alone to get a hanadak tooth for his belt. Some hours later, his three friends Kneesaa, Teebo and Latara started to search for the young Ewok warrior apprentice. Latara was afraid of the hanadaks and wished to go back home, but the Princess forced Latara to continue the search, in order to apologize for Latara's injuries. The Ewoks found only a group of Kagles, who told them about the fight between Wicket and a hanadak on a river. Kneesaa didn't believe the worst, and ordered the two friends to run across the river with her on board a raft.[39]

Kneesaa and Teebo discover evidence which leads them to believe that Wicket had died.

Alongside the river, Kneesaa found the broken Wicket's slingshot. Believing the broken weapon was proof of Wicket's death, Kneesaa became sad, and Teebo and Latara cried, hugging each other. Kneesaa took the slingshot, planning to tell all the villagers that Wicket had died fighting.[39]

But, for their delight, Wicket appeared again, telling about his fight with the hanadak and speaking of his excitement to share the news with Chief Chirpa.[39]

The sleeping spell[]

"Now I remember where I heard about Zarrak! Master Logray said that you… said that you…"
―Kneesaa being put under a sleeping spell by Zarrak[40]

Kneesaa being healed by Logray

Kneesaa, Wicket, and Latara were with Teebo one day as he practiced the magic Logray had been teaching him. The three Ewoks were unimpressed with the tricks and with Teebo's execution of them. When Teebo was approached by Zarrak, a dark Ewok wizard who was once Logray's apprentice, Wicket and Latara had to carry Kneesaa back to the Bright Tree Village, for she had been put under a sleeping spell by Zarrak before she revealed Zarrak's past to them. After a brief cart accident, Kneesaa was healed at Logray's hut, and the shaman told Wicket and Latara of Zarrak's past and what danger Teebo was in. Some years before, Zarrak had been Logray's apprentice, but became impatient and tried to steal the powerful Sunstar, and was banished by the village's chief. Then Logray, Wicket, and the girls set out to save Teebo.[40]

When they arrived at Zarrak's mountain, the former apprentice was trying to drop Teebo into the "realm of spirits" from which "only the greatest wizards" had ever returned. While Logray (with Wicket's little help) and Zarrak battled it out, Kneesaa and Latara rescued Teebo, using Kneesaa's grappling hook. When the girls ran to help Logray and Wicket, Zarrak used his jewel to summon rocky hands from the ground to trap the four Ewoks. For saving his friends, Teebo used his magic to distract Zarrak and lead him into the abyss, making him drop the jewel, thereby freeing Kneesaa and the others.[40]

Poor traders[]

"Latara! You shouldn't have spied on the boys! But how are they doing?"

Kneesaa and her three close friends went to Mooth's Trading Hut, to trade some things with him. Upon arrival they learned that Mooth had come down with a cold and that business was slow. In the shop, Wicket spotted a pair of eodon tusks which he thought would look great hanging over his hammock, but each of his friends wanted the tusks for his or her self. Kneesaa was interested to give her father the tusks, for wearing with his helmet. So Mooth proposed that whoever could trade the most goods for him would receive the tusks.[41]

As the foursome set out for the river, a fierce rivalry brewed among them, and they chose to split up by gender, with each pair taking one side of the river. Sometime later, Latara spied on the boys, seeing their trade's failing and believing she and Kneesaa could be better than them. Latara went back to her side of the river, gaining Kneesaa's reprobation about the spying; even so, the Princess asked for Latara's news, and the two started their journey.[41]

Kneesaa and Latara trading a cloak with the "Darling"

First, the Ewok girls tried to trade a cloak with a rodent (Latara called her "Darling") who used her teeth to create sculptures from wood. But Latara ruined the cloak while she was showing it, ruining the trade, too. Later, Kneesaa and Latara tried to trade other things with some forest creatures. One of them arrested Latara, but Kneesaa used her grappling hook to save her friend.[41]

As a last and desperate action, Latara tried to trade a bottle of shampoo with the dangerous Bobog. The Ewok used some of the liquid to wash Bobog's hair, but failed when she accidentally mixed the shampoo with tree sap from another bottle, gumming the hair. The Bobog ran behind the girls, who took refuge on a tree. Then, Teebo and Wicket heard the girls' cries, and ran to save them.[41]

Then they all mournfully returned to Mooth's, only to find that the Kagles had come in and traded a family cold cure and that the Bobog had traded some jewels for more fludge. So, when Mooth offered the eodon tusks, Wicket claimed them first since he was the one to give the fludge to the Bobog. However, Kneesaa claimed the tusks for herself because she carried a bag with the Mooth's things, and the two others each thought they were entitled to the tusks. Their quibbles were all for naught, though, when the tuskless eodon showed up at Mooth's, and Wicket graciously handed him the tusks.[41]

The blog attack[]

Kneesaa was very proud of her father, while seeing him teaching a lesson for some young Ewok warriors. Inspired on Chirpa, the warrior apprentice Wicket wished to train another Ewok to become a warrior. Latara made a bet about it with Wicket, and informed him of her pupil of choice: Teebo, the wizard's apprentice.[42]

Some hours later, Kneesaa, Wicket and Latara learned that the Tambles had recruited the "brave warrior" Teebo to deal with their troublesome neighbor, a blog. Wicket knew this meant trouble, so the trio ran off to save their friend.[42]

Kneesaa trying to save Wicket from the blog

When the trio arrived, Wicket tried to save Teebo. But Wicket fell into the waters, trapped by the blog's tail. Kneesaa tried to rescue him with her grappling hook, but it was Teebo's use of magic to destroy the dam that saved both Wicket and the Tambles. As the river drained, Wicket climbed to safety and congratulated Teebo on his magic. But since magic had saved the day and not warrior skill, Wicket lost his bet with Latara and so was forced to mind the young Latara's brother and sister for twenty days. This outcome was funny to Kneesaa and Teebo.[42]

Odra's summer freeze[]

"Now, my brother the Sun King can have the Season Scepter back."
"And we can have a feel more days of sun."
―Kneesaa talks with the Snow King after being unfrozen by him[43]

Kneesaa and her four close friends was enjoying a nice summer day. But when Teebo's attempt to summon a cool breeze went horribly wrong, Wicket led the way back to the village to see Logray. Unable to find the shaman, the troupe headed for the observatory and there intercepted a message for Logray from the Leaf Queen via the Sunstar. When a flying leaf showed up outside for ferry to the Sun King's palace, Wicket convinced Kneesaa and the others to go in Logray's stead, given the direness of the situation. When the leaf taxi neared the Sun Palace, the group was attack by a pair of Ice Head commandos. Kneesaa was then knocked from the leaf and captured by the Ice Heads; Wicket then made saving her their top priority. The group made their way into the Sun Palace where Wicket negotiated with the Leaf Queen and her siblings. Her majesty informed them that the sudden winter was not the fault of Teebo—it was, in reality, the result of an elaborate scheme by Odra, the Duchess of Sleet, who had frozen the heart of the Snow King to gain possession of the winter-controlling season scepter.[43]

In the throne room of Snow Palace, the Snow King was asking Odra what he could do with Kneesaa, since she didn't possess the Sunstar. Knowing the villain's plan, Kneesaa said to the Snow King that he would never get the Sunstar, "not even by freezing all of Endor." The King responded by freezing Kneesaa in a block of ice and stuck upon an ice pick. Satisfied, Odra said that she and the King could trade Kneesaa for the Sunstar. Shortly after, during the Skirmish at the Snow Palace, Wicket and Teebo took the Season Scepter and used the device to melt the Snow King's heart and eliminate Odra's threat.[43]

Kneesaa in the throne room of Snow Palace

With the King back to his jovial self, Wicket requested the release of Kneesaa. The Snow King apologized and unfroze Kneesaa, whom hugged Wicket upon her return. After the King returned the Endor's season back to that of the Sun King, the king's siblings, as well as Logray and Chief Chirpa, arrived at the palace. Chirpa commended Wicket and his friends for their accomplishments, and the Snow King gave Wicket a special trophy for his belt of honor: an Ice Head's club. Wicket was somewhat taken aback by the unconventional and rather large gift, but accepted it graciously nonetheless.[43]

Duloks and the prow[]

"Please, father! Don't punish us!"
―Kneesaa to Chirpa[44]

Alongside a river, Kneesaa and Latara found Wicket and Teebo at the other side, cleaning up Chief Chirpa's canoe and taking it into the water. Latara asked for a canoe ride, despite Kneesaa's warning about the upcoming Fishing Festival, a big Bright Tree Village's event where the canoe would be used. The boys accepted Latara's request, and the four embarked. But the ride ended abruptly when the boat hit a rock, dumping the foursome into the river. Once the young Ewoks pulled the boat ashore, they realized that the Chirpa's special prow carving was missing from the front of the canoe. Fearing Chirpa's wrath, the four dived into the river in a search for the carving.[44]

Downstream, the Ewoks found the prow carving, but it was in the hands of the Duloks. When the four tried to retrieve the carving, they were captured and brought onboard the Duloks' battleship. They were then forced to help the Duloks row their way to Bright Tree Village. But Wicket enlisted the help of the Skibs to overthrow the Duloks. Wicket then commandeered the battleship and used its own catapult to bring about the ship's destruction. After abandoning ship, the young Ewoks watched in horror as the Ewok prow carving sank to the deep along with the ship.[44]

Kneesaa thinking herself being outcast from home

That night, Wicket explained the whole ordeal to Chirpa. The four became afraid of what Chirpa's punishment may be. The naïve Princess was thinking she could even be outcast from home. But the four soon found out that their worries were unnecessary; Chirpa commended the young ones and merely asked that they put a new prow carving on the boat. The young Ewoks were so surprised by what Chirpa had said that all four of them passed out right then and there.[44]

Jadru's maze[]

"My father will never give you the Sunstar! Never!"
―Kneesaa to Jadru[45]

While Kneesaa and her three close friends tried to bathe Baga one day, they were taken aback when a "beautiful" equine came along, a creature they decided to call Silky. The Ewoks all took a liking to Silky, so much so that Baga started to become jealous. Silky easily earned Kneesaa's trust, even securing the right to sleep on Kneesaa's bed, something that Kneesaa's pet Bordok, Baga, had never accomplished. The Ewoks were all impressed when they learned that Silky could fly. But when the mystical being took Kneesaa for a flight, it suddenly transformed into its natural state—a quarf—and began to carry Kneesaa off to the lair of Jadru, its master. The enchantress Jadru, like so many before her, desired to possess the Ewoks' Sunstar, and she was willing to hold Kneesaa ransom to get it. Confirming Latara's lessons, the Princess's job was becoming more and more dangerous. Several villains of Endor were wishing to arrest the Princess of Bright Tree Village and trade her for the Sunstar. Despite this, Kneesaa never showed fear for them, and continued her challenger answers.[45]

Kneesaa grabs a control lever for Jadru's maze.

Wicket sent Teebo and Latara back to notify Chirpa of what had happened, while he and Baga went behind the quarf. After scaling a steep cliff, Wicket and his steed made their way into Jadru's fortress, but they learned from her floating crystal ball, all too late, that they were in fact in a customizable maze controlled by Jadru. Still, with Baga following Kneesaa's scent, they were able to find their way to the throne room. Then, with Kneesaa now among them, the threesome led Jadru and her quarf astray and returned to the throne where the maze controls were to trap the enchantress in her own maze. Just as Wicket and Kneesaa were trying to figure out how they would escape, Chirpa and the warriors broke into the building. Wicket and Chirpa destroyed Jadru's control levers, ensuring that she would never find a way out. While they were leaving the Jadru's building, Baga accepted Kneesaa's apologies, and became her loyal pet Bordok again.[45]

The Hut of Horrors and The Tumble Bunny Show[]

"Wicket! Remember what your mom said!"
―Kneesaa being ignored by Wicket again[46]

After Kneesaa and Wicket gathered sunberries for Shodu Warrick, during a carnival, Shodu asked her son to take his sister Winda to the Tumble Bunny show. She did, however, give him a bribe: if he did this, Shodu might let him go on the overnight trip with the warriors. So Wicket begrudgingly took Winda to the show, and there ran into Teebo and Latara, both of whom were forced to take their younger siblings too. But Wicket backed away from the woklings' show, and was instead interested in another attraction: Horville's Hut of Horrors.[46]

Enticed by Horville's spooky spiel, Wicket very much wished to witness the horrors. And yet, Kneesaa reminded him of his mother's deal. So Wicket took a quick vote by show of hands to determine which show the Ewoks would see, but despite those favoring Horville's Hut being in the minority, Wicket declared the vote to be a landslide in their favor. Assuring Kneesaa that the woklings would have a good time, Wicket and the septet of Ewoks entered the hut. But they did not leave unchanged.[46]

The Hut of Horrors left the older children shaken up and the woklings traumatized to the point of tears. At night, the four teenagers and the children went to Wicket's home to sleep. Wicket worried that the woklings would have nightmares, so Teebo retrieved a Logray's dream eater magic machine which would supposedly extract bad dreams from the woklings and store them within itself, but a faulty leg on the device's tripod gave out and the machine collapsed and fell right near Wicket's bed, "releasing" the bad dreams into his own mind. Wicket experienced a most bizarre nightmare. Finally, Shodu woke Wicket from his nightmare. Realizing his charade was through, Wicket confessed his disobedience to his mother.[46]

The Tumble Bunnies' Ewok audience

At the next day, a group of Ewok teenagers and children (including Kneesaa, Teebo, Latara, Malani, Nippet, Wiley, and Winda) enjoyed the Tumble Bunnies' show. As a punishment for his disobedience, Wicket was forced by his mother to take over the Tumble Bunny trainer's job during ten shows.[46]

Elbo, the anklet and the flute[]

While fishing one day, Kneesaa soaked her feet in the water and lost her wooden anklet into the Endor Sea. Her mishap summoned King Elbo, a mighty monarch of an unknown fangly crab species, who decided to help her. He offered her two golden, jewel-encrusted anklets, but Kneesaa declined, claiming that they were not her anklets. When Elbo recovered her real anklet, she accepted without inquiring about the other two, which touched Elbo. He gave her all three anklets in appreciation of her selflessness.[47]

When Latara heard Kneesaa's story, her eyes spun at the idea of a jewel-encrusted golden flute to replace the wooden one Teebo and Wicket had made for her. Her demands and aspirations, however, appalled Kneesaa and Wicket, and deeply offended Teebo. Knowing their friend's rampant materialism, Kneesaa, Wicket, and Teebo followed behind Latara. However, their arrival at the lake was not quick enough, and they witnessed Latara being taken by Elbo down into his underwater coral castle. Planning to rescue Latara, Teebo called up a helpful fish who inflated a sea bubble—a thick membrane large and strong enough to hold the three Ewoks and transport them to the underwater lair.[47]

Kneesaa trying to trade her three anklets with King Elbo, to rescue her trapped friend Latara

After a rough bubble ride down, the trio entered the air-filled castle and found their friend being held captive by a squid-like creature. Wicket distracted the creature, allowing Latara to escape with Kneesaa and Teebo. Then, the four ran through the castle trying to find a way out. They ended up in a wooden crate that hung above a ferocious sea creature. When King Elbo approached, Wicket tried to reason with him. Kneesaa touched Elbo's heart again, trying to trade her three anklets with him, to rescue Latara. So, the four eventually worked out a deal: the king would set up a test for Latara. If she passed, they would go free, but if she failed, all four would become Elbo's slaves. As the crate dropped lower and lower, Wicket bluntly told Teebo that he had no faith in Latara. But she proved him wrong, passing Elbo's test by finding the most valuable item among his treasures: her old flute that Wicket and Teebo had given her. The foursome then bid Elbo farewell and headed back to the surface, again via bubble transport.[47]

Norky and the Vacant Valley[]

Kneesaa: "Come on, guys! We don't want to hurt Norky."
Wicket, Latara and Teebo: "We don't?"
Kneesaa: "We just want to teach him a lesson. How about the Vacant Valley? It's far away, but looks harmless."
―Kneesaa to her three close friends[src]

Kneesaa was taking care of her pet bordok, Baga, in front of her home, when Wicket asked to borrow acorn paste from Kneesaa so that he and his mother could make more cookies. Wicket was with Norky, a boy from an Endorian unidentified species who was the Warrick family's guest and frequently got Wicket into trouble. Norky had gotten Wicket and Teebo in trouble some minutes before. At the Royal Hut, Wicket went in with Kneesaa and left Norky behind so as not to disturb the in-progress council meeting, but Norky again wreaked havoc, disrupting the meeting, blaming Kneesaa, and even attempting to injure Wicket on the way out. After Latara shared a similar mishap, the four young Ewoks decided to take action against Norky.[48]

In Logray's hut, the foursome observed the shaman's globe and decided to send Norky to the Vacant Valley, although Wicket, Teebo and Latara initially had no qualms sending him to a more dangerous locale. The quartet duped Norky into following a "treasure" map to the valley by way of Latara's hang-glider. As time passed, Wicket reassured Kneesaa that Norky would not be in any real harm; however, they quickly learned from master Logray that it was the centurial time of the natural sucking phenomenon in the Vacant Valley.[48]

Kneesaa and Latara arriving to save the boys

The four Ewoks went to the valley, Kneesaa and Latara set out on board different hang-gliders, and Wicket and Teebo set out on foot—or, rather, magically spring-loaded vines to help them avoid being sucked underground. When they found Norky, Wicket had to convince the boy that there was no treasure and that the whole situation was a set-up, but that they never truly meant for any harm to come upon him. The three boys nearly perished there when they began to get sucked into a large hole, but the girls arrived with their hang-gliders, and with Norky's help, ensured that everyone made it out safely. Later, the five young Endorians returned back to Bright Tree Village.[48]

A diplomatic job[]

A party that Kneesaa was giving at her home wasn't going very well. All the children and young Ewoks that she had invited were wearied and sleeping. Kneesaa wanted to show her acorns collection, but nobody was interested. Chief Chirpa arrived and gave her a special task, which was for Kneesaa to organize a party in honor of Prince Delby, who would arrive on an official visit. The Princess was worried, but Latara heard the exchange (becoming very interested in Delby's arriving) and took the mission, together with a hesitant Kneesaa.[49]

Kneesaa wearing her new dress, and Latara

Latara commissioned Wicket to spread the party's placards and Teebo to lead the musicians (Teebo chose Malani, Nippet, Wiley, and Winda for it). Latara gave Kneesaa a beautiful blue dress and a pair of sandals. The party went as Latara and Kneesaa had planned, until Pugs's arrival. Kneesaa mistook the Pugs's leader for Prince Delby, calling him "Your Highness." The Pugs had seen Wicket's placards and had a rude posture during the party. Kneesaa became suspicious about the Pugs. She went home to talk Chirpa about Pugs' leader, and caught the Pugs burglarizing her home. Immediately, the Pugs kidnapped the Princess. Wicket, Teebo, and Latara discovered what happened with Kneesaa, and the three departed to save her, on board Baga's cart.[49]

After escaping from Pug's leader and join with her friends, Kneesaa used her grappling hook to recover the bag with her household objects. The four Ewoks fled from the Pugs, and went back home. At the village, all the Ewoks were sleeping, like the young ones at the story's start, and Kneesaa worried about disappointing Chirpa. Chief Chirpa arrived with the true Prince Delby. Receiving Kneesaa's greetings, Delby apologized for missing the party, and invited Kneesaa to see his acorn collection. Radiantly, Kneesaa invited him to see her own collection, too. Kneesaa's diplomatic job was successful, and her three close friends didn't understand Kneesaa and Delby's interest in acorns.[49]

Imperial-Ewok War[]

Battle for the Sunstar[]

"If you help others, they will help you someday."
―Kneesaa to Wicket[50]

Using her veto power, Kneesaa commissioned Wicket, Latara and Teebo to accompany her on an expedition to feed a nest of baby gubas. Wicket wasn't disposed to help, and spoke that his time could be better spent earning another trophy for his Belt of Honor. His lovely Kneesaa immediately answered with her moral teaching about helping others. The foursome climbed a towering tree to reach the gubas, but the chicks were not as responsive as the Princess had hoped. The gubas knocked the group out of the tree, sending them plummeting to the base. Though none of them were injured, the Princess was undeterred from helping the gubas in the future. Latara started to deny Kneesaa's teaching about help others.[50]

Kneesaa afraid with the Ewoks' spears

Shortly after that, the young Ewoks heard the cry of a perkle. The four found the creature arrested in a strange trap. While Teebo was stretching in order to prepare for an attempt at lifting the device, he accidentally pushes Latara in the way of the mouth of the trap. The foreign device activated, sucking the hapless child into the impervious bubble, trapping her with the perkle. Then, Teebo prepared a magic spell with a dust base. Unfortunately, the dust blew into the trap, but it was able to destroy it from the inside, freeing Latara and the perkle. While the Ewoks was asking each other about the strange trap, Teebo was arrested by a droid that was under the command of Doctor Raygar. The Imperial scientist, flying his personal repulsorcraft, then set an energy beam on Kneesaa. Wicket tried to save her and to attack Raygar's droids, but he found he was no match for the advanced Imperial weaponry. Raygar then spoke with Wicket personally and demanded that he reveal the location of their village if he wished to save his friends. Reluctantly, and seeing his friends Kneesaa and Teebo in pain, Wicket complied, but he and Latara were nonetheless captured and placed into a holding cell with their friends aboard Raygar's ship. Though Wicket tried to lead an escape, the Ewoks were no match for the force field sealing the door. Learning Raygar's plans to seek the Sunstar, Wicket knew they must escape to warn the tribe. Latara denied Kneesaa's teachings again, speaking that no guba was helping them.[50]

Shortly after it, Wicket convinced Raygar's droid PD-28 ("Peedee") to let them out, but their search for an exit led them into an escape pod. Latara inadvertently launched the pod with her buttocks, and while the ride started off bumpy, Wicket took the helm and quickly learned how to pilot the craft. But by the time they arrived at Bright Tree Village, it was too late; Raygar had already taken the Sunstar and fled. When the escape pod landed on the village, the Ewok warriors under Chief Chirpa's orders was ready to attack the enemies that they was waiting from the pod. They obviously gave up, when saw their Princess appearing from the pod's door. She left the vehicle, and when was talking her father about Raygar's plans, all Ewoks saw the doctor's ship leaving Endor.[50]

Fighting on board an Imperial Destroyer[]

Kneesaa and Wicket in Raygar's lab

"Let him go!"
―Kneesaa to Raygar, about Wicket[50]

While Wicket tried to convince Chirpa to use the "flying canoe" to transport some warriors back to the Sunstar, the overeager Latara started the ship's launch sequence, and only the four young Ewoks and Peedee made it into the ship before takeoff. Since Raygar's ship was quickly moving towards space, Wicket chose to stay on course rather than go back to pick up the warriors. The Ewoks were unprepared for the weightlessness they experienced when they broke Endor's atmosphere, although Peedee then engaged the gravity stabilizers, nor had the Ewoks ever seen anything quite like the Imperial Star Destroyer they approached for landing. Upon arrival, Peedee was ordered to be recycled by Admiral Kazz, so Wicket and Kneesaa decided to rescue the droid while the other two Ewoks searched for Raygar.[50]

After defeating an Imperial Reconnaissance Droid and retrieving Peedee from the recycling center, Wicket and Kneesaa headed to Raygar's lab, where the scientist had used the Sunstar to create a weapon to kill Emperor Palpatine, a weapon he wanted to first test on Latara and Teebo. When Raygar incapacitated Peedee, Wicket sought to avenge his new friend and lashed out at Raygar. He leapt for the man, dodging his blaster bolt, and attacked fiercely. In the scuffle, he inadvertently caused Raygar to fire his new weapon into space as Palpatine's shuttle approached; while the blast—which destroyed one of the Lambda-class shuttle's wings—could have possibly killed the Emperor if fired at a slightly different angle or moment, it also may have saved the man's life by preventing Raygar from firing when he intended. Realizing his predicament, Raygar decided to kill Wicket, but Kneesaa retrieved the Sunstar and hit Raygar, freeing Wicket from his grasp. Wicket then used the Sunstar to destroy Raygar's blaster. Wicket, Kneesaa, and Peedee again boarded their capsule, picked up Teebo and Latara, and headed back to Endor. Kneesaa and Latara said good-bye to Peedee, and gratefully kissed the droid. After Peedee left Endor, Latara showed she learned about Kneesaa's teachings, to the delight of the Princess.[50]

Prelude to Endor[]

"If I free you, will you show me your village and where you saw the monster?"
"Yes! Agluk will show! Oh, please free me! You won't be sorry, sweet, sweet Kneesaa a jurr-er, princess! No need for spears!"
―Agluk under Wicket's spear and being interrogated by Kneesaa[51]

Ultimately, their encounter with Raygar would not be the last time they would encounter the Empire. Some time after forming the Sunstar-Shadowstone, Gorneesh's tribe of Duloks had been enslaved by the Galactic Empire for preparations of creating the Endor shield generator bunker. One Dulok, Agluk managed to escape Imperial custody at the cost of his right arm and later was captured by a group of Ewok scouts. Agluk was interrogated by Chirpa and Logray. The Chief did not believe the story of the Dulok, and ordered the imprisonment. Kneesaa, who accompanied her father, became curious. She went out and secretly decides to do another interview to overlap that of her father. Alongside Paploo and Wicket, she then interrogated Agluk about his presence. Upon learning from him about the unleashing of the ancient monster Griagh as well as the Imperial presence on the planet, Kneesaa offered to free him in exchange for letting him guide them to his village to prove that he wasn't lying about his claims. After freeing him, they also walked him on a leash, in case he tried to escape. However, they had to run when Logray spotted them, resulting in Paploo staying behind due to being caught in the shaman's magic. Afterwards, Kneesaa, Wicket, and Agluk ended up encountering Teebo and Latara, the former also being shocked that they are interacting with Agluk despite their rivalries, even if he was a prisoner. However, Kneesaa explained Agluk's story and their need to verify his account, and also reminded Teebo that she is his princess, meaning her decision is final and that he's coming whether he likes it or not, and also allowed Latara to tag along as well. Upon reaching the tree and climbing up, they discovered the construction of a massive complex: the building of Death Star II's shield generator bunker. Several Duloks were taken as slaves to work in the complex. Kneesaa proposed to do something about it, and she and the other Ewoks decided to accept Agluk's request to follow him in an alleged secret shortcut for the Imperial bunker.[51]

Kneesaa tells her friends her chat with Zrani.

Kneesaa and company followed Agluk as he took them in a deep cave. To illuminate the cave, Agluk made a torch, trapping inside it a female Wistie called Zrani. The Dulok asked Kneesaa to carry the lantern. The princess was immediately contradicted in seeing that imprisoned Wistie, and showed to the other Ewoks her indignation at the attitude of Agluk, while the Dulok walked ahead. Until everyone walked beyond the cave, Kneesaa asked Agluk to drop Zrani and Wicket warned Kneesaa about the noise of some carnivorous creature that might be inhabiting the cave. How Agluk began calling the Ewoks, brandishing an Imperial blaster rifle, Wicket decided that they must flee when Dulok was sleeping. Kneesaa used her linguistic gifts to chat with Zrani, who told the princess that she would die if she remained in the lantern for longer, but the key to open the lantern hung on the neck of Agluk. So Wicket tried to take the key, but he accidentally woke Agluk, which began to pursue and shoot Wicket. Kneesaa collected the key lying on the ground and freed Zrani. As the Wistie was very weak, Kneesaa ordered everyone to get out of there immediately. The Griagh finally came, devouring Agluk. While Teebo and Wicket fought bravely against Griagh respectively using his ax and his spear, Zrani pointed Kneesaa to an exit of the cave, and the princess called the other Ewoks to follow her.[51]

Safe out of the cave, the Ewok group had decided to follow Wicket's suggestion to return to Bright Tree Village and warn everyone about Griagh, before all the village had Agluk's fate. On the way back, they saw Logray and Paploo being discovered by stormtroopers, who were deciding to imprison both together with a group of Duloks. Immediately, Kneesaa and her friends ambushed the armored soldiers, attacking and killing them one by one. Kneesaa attacked some stormtroopers, leaning on them and beating them with her knife. Until Kneesaa looked terrified for Griagh, which emerged from underground and started killing several Duloks and stormtroopers.[51]

Kneesaa joining Logray's ritual

While the stormtroopers and some accidentally loose Duloks tried to fend off Griagh and Ewoks were divided between killing stormtroopers, free Duloks and defend themselves from the Griagh, Logray asked Kneesaa to go with him to the top of a ridge. The two arrived there with Zrani, even under the stormtroopers's shots. How the Sunstar (which was brought with Logray) had little strength, Logray asked Kneesaa to join the ritual in which the two would strengthen the Sunstar and they would try to destroy the Griagh. But in an act of self-sacrifice, Zrani took the Sunstar and flew with it into the Griagh. In the process, the Sunstar exploded, consuming Zrani and the Griagh. Chief Chirpa arrived with a group of Ewok warriors in time to see some surviving stormtroopers and Duloks dispersing in the woods and finding Kneesaa and all her friends to safety. And at a later celebration, Chirpa honored the young warriors, but warned that the threat of the Imperials was far from over.[51]

After the Battle of Endor[]

After the Endor battle and the destruction of the second Death Star, Kneesaa eventually married her childhood sweetheart, Wicket, who co-ruled Bright Tree Village with her after Chirpa's death.[52][53]

Personality and traits[]

Kneesaa and Wicket during a celebration in Bright Tree Village

From childhood, Kneesaa was tender and kind to all who lived with her. And the young princess was unfailingly polite to her friends.[3]

When Chirpa became a widower and believed that his older daughter was missing, he chose his only child, Kneesaa (until Asha's return), to be his heiress, teaching her his entire job. This double familiarity (between father-and-only-child and master-and-apprentice) made Kneesaa very close with her father. She became a mature and strong leader with a high sense of justice.[3]

Kneesaa learned successfully about her tribe's jobs, values and traditions but she changed some of these traditions, starting with her induction as the first Heiress of Chieftain of her tribe's history.[11] Despite this induction, Kneesaa didn't become a strong warrior as her father. Kneesaa became a brave Ewok when she started to join adventures with her friend Wicket, a talented scout and warrior apprentice.[3]

Princess Kneesaa

Kneesaa was too afraid about Wicket's success on his tests. When Wicket went to the Black Cavern to dispute a sun crystal with the Dulok prince Boogutt, in order to obtain another trophy for his Belt of Honor, Kneesaa cried for her tribe's help to rescue him.[54] On another occasion, when Wicket failed on his skills test, Kneesaa tried to convince him to leave the Cavern of Broken Dreams and do another skills test, but she was successful only after getting the attention of a mortal giant spider-like creature and being saved by Wicket.[55]

Kneesaa always showed respect for all Ewok Elders, including when they did not yet trust her as the future Chief.[11]

Apparently, until becoming Wicket's bride, Kneesaa never showed jealousy about Malani's love interest in Wicket, or his short interest on Chirita.[56] Kneesaa never lost a chance to show her tenderness to Wicket, with hugs and kisses. Wicket always answered with similar tenderness.[3]

Since her Festival of Hoods, she wore a pink hood with the blue gem given by Asha.[6] Sometime after becoming a brave Heir of Chieftain, Kneesaa became the best Ewok at fighting with a grappling hook, used as her primary weapon.[3] Some years later, though still in her youth, Kneesaa started to use a knife as her primary weapon.[51]

Powers and abilities[]

Kneesaa attacking Dr. Raygar with the Sunstar

Sometimes, Kneesaa was interested in Logray's potion formulas. Soon after that, she made the shrinkroot potion that was used to defeat the kradak that was attacking the trees of Bright Tree Village. It indicated that Kneesaa had some abilities with magic, as her father with prism pebbles, and she could be a fine wizard apprentice, if she wasn't the Heir of Chieftain. But, according Logray, a good wizard must have a lot of years of total devotion. After the kradak incident, the job of Heir of Chieftain took all of Kneesaa's time.[9]

Kneesaa showed some potential Force-sensitivity in her ability to wield the Sunstar during the fight against Dr. Raygar on board an Imperial Destroyer.[50] However, her Force-sensitivity was likely smaller than Wicket's, but Logray reminded of the gifts of Kneesaa, to ask for her help to manage the weakened Sunstar during combat against Griagh, before the mystical artifact be destroyed along with the creature.[51]

Behind the scenes[]

"Kneesaa stayed pretty much the same, although she got a new necklace, the lasso lace."
Ewoks associate producer and story editor Paul Dini describes Kneesaa in the second season of Star Wars: Ewoks[src]

Kneesaa's action figure in Hasbro's Ewok Pack 2012

Although Wicket was the main character in the animated television series and in the most of the print issues, Kneesaa was the main character in some stories: Three Cheers for Kneesaa!, The Ice Princess!, Rites of Power, The Incredible Shrinking Princess, The Three Lessons, The Wish Plant, and Party Ewok.

In Ewoks, Kneesaa was voiced by Cree Summer in the first season[57] and Jeanne Reynolds in the second.[source?]

An action figure of Princess Kneesaa was prepared in 2010 as part of Hasbro's Star Wars: The Vintage Collection, but it was cancelled before its issue with a new Wicket action figure.[58][59] This figure had a 2012 release in an Ewok gift set.[60][61]



An animated cel of Kneesaa from the episode "Night of the Stranger"

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