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"Three more gone, my lord. Two commandos took knives to one another--hallucination-induced psychosis, apparently--and Major Strix fled camp."
"Stupid, stupid… knives? They can't even resist carving one another like roasts?!"
―Maiya Vix and Lord Hargrev[5]

The knife, also known as a combat knife or throwing knife, was a handheld melee weapon used for slashing and stabbing. A knife could also be used as a cutting tool or utensil.


"A knife never runs out of ammunition."
―Myneyrshi saying[6]

A Kubaz wielding a combat knife

The knife was a simple weapon, with little to no high technology involved in its construction. It consisted of a blade attached to a pommel of short or medium length. They could be found at very cheap prices on specialized markets and were easy to conceal due to their relatively small size.

The blade used the wielder's own strength to cut and slash, and since the weapon did not rely on any sort of vibro technology, it was completely silent. The knife could also be thrown.[1] Knives could be made of various materials, including stone and metal.[7]

Knives were not always used exclusively for combat. They were also used as a tool to accomplish a variety of purposes, such as cutting meat or vegetables or skinning hides. They were also used as an eating utensil or a carving tool. The expression "under the knife" referred to someone undergoing surgery, with the expression "knife" meaning the cutting tool used by the surgeon, usually a scalpel.[6]


Knives have been used throughout the ages by assassins,[3] thugs,[3] and Mandalorian warriors,[3] as well as soldiers of various eras.[4] During the Clone Wars, it was standard issue for clone personnel (with the exception being clone commandos, who were issued their own knuckle plate vibro blades). SpecForce soldiers[4] and later Galactic Alliance Infantry Troopers and officers[8] were all equipped with knives, usually as a backup melee weapon.

Knives were a popular weapon in primitive cultures, such as the Menahuun[9] and tribal shamans.[4]

In the planet Lamaredd, where blasters were uncommon, many people resorted to knives and long knives as their weapon of choice including, among others, the waitresses of Miss Mylla's Saloon.[10]


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