Knight Errant: Aflame 2 is the second issue in the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series and the second in the Aflame story arc written by John Jackson Miller. It was released November 10, 2010.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Meet a new kind of Jedi for a new era of Star Wars!

Jedi Knight Kerra Holt thought she was prepared for anything that could happen on the volunteer mission that took her deep into Sith space. But now, trapped behind enemy lines, Kerra looks toward a life without the support of the Republic...and if her headstrong ways continue to lead her actions, she may end up without any support at all!

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

This comic occurs immediately after the disastrous Raid on Chelloa which saw the destruction of the Jedi Master Vannar Treece's strike team. The sole survivor of the Jedi mission was a young Jedi Knight named Kerra Holt. During a flashback moment, Kerra contemplates her childhood experiences during the Sith invasion of her homeworld Aquilaris Minor and her subsequent encounter with Vannar, which led her to take the Jedi path. Large parts of Jenith are damaged by the fighting and there are substantial civilian casualties. Lord Daiman himself arrives, determined to find out how his enemies Odion and the Jedi learnt about the baradium mining project. He accosts Gorlan and then fondles with Kerra, unaware of her being a Jedi. Showing little concern for his people, Daiman leaves them to their devices. Kerra learns that Gorlan is a former Jedi who left the Order because he was more concerned with looking after ordinary people. He also introduces her to his family. Meanwhile, several mobile munitions complexes and a fleet of passenger transports land at Jenith and Arboth as Daiman apparently plans to expand large-scale baradium operations on Chelloa.

Unable to convince Gorlan to join her in fighting against the Sith occupiers, Kerra departs on a mission to assassinate Lord Daiman. She infiltrates his alpine compound and discovers him torturing the Rodian mechanic Skodo to death for obtaining a transmitter. During the duel, Kerra bests her Sith opponent by trapping him in a suspension field. Before she can kill him however, Daiman has a final trick up his sleeve. He reveals that Odion intends to destroy Chelloa with several kinetic corruptors, large vehicles capable of igniting volatile baradium shales. He also tells her that Odion has a mobile space station known as The Spike in the outer reaches of the Chelloa system.

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