Knight Errant: Aflame 3 is the third issue in the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series and the third in the Aflame story arc written by John Jackson Miller. It was released December 8, 2010.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Amidst Sith--on--Sith violence, lone Jedi Kerra Holt persists with her near--broken mission!

Trapped behind enemy lines and still eager to follow through with help for the oppressed miners on Chelloa, Kerra strikes out on her own to rid the galaxy of at least one Sith Lord. But she's still incredibly green and ruled too much by her strong feelings, and keeping her plan on track might prove to be too much for the young Jedi . . .

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

The Jedi Knight Kerra Holt takes part in an ill-fated Jedi mission to disrupt the production of baradium on the Daimanate world of Chelloa. Following an attack by the rival Sith Lord Odion, Kerra is the sole survivor of the Jedi mission and joins forces with the Chelloan resistance. Hijacking a Daimanite starfighter, Kerra arrives at The Spike in the midst of a fierce space battle. Daiman had launched a starfighter attack on The Spike but Odion's defenses had wiped out much of the attacking force. Odion discusses with his Givin advisor Jelcho his bemusement that his younger brother would send such a weak force to assail him despite knowing about the destructive capabilities of the kinetic corruptors. Meanwhile, Kerra infiltrates the mobile station and enters the vast factory sector where several kinetic corruptos are being assembled. She also ambushes and reprograms a labor droid known as GAD-3. Odion appears on the factory floor with Jelcho and discusses their secret informant on Chelloa who had leaked intelligence about the baradium operations.

He also receives another transmission from the same source claiming that all mining operations on Chelloa are offline, meaning that the planet is of little concern to Odion. Odion disbelieves that report and orders his minions to load the kinetic corruptors onto landing ships. Odion suddenly senses the presence of Kerra and duels her with lightsabers, causing extensive damage to the assembly area. During their duel, Kerra reveals that Daiman is moving his munitions factories to Chelloa. Odion refuses to leave Chelloa because it has too much baradium which upsets the balance of the Force. Before Odion can kill her, Kerra escapes by ordering Gad-Three to deactivate the containment fields, exposing the interior to zero-gee space. In the midst of the chaos, Kerra escapes on a construction shuttle. Odion's gunship attempts to destroy Kerra's shuttle but she escapes by doing a single jump into hyperspace to Chelloa.

Meanwhile, Daiman captures Gorlan and tortures him, sending a transmission to his opponent Odion claiming that he had captured one of Odion's agents. Daiman was also intending to goad Odion into attacking as part of a trap. Kerra also receives this transmission and returns to Chelloa to save her friend. Convinced that Daiman is actually expanding baradium mining operations on Chelloa, Odion abandons his original plan to destroy Chelloa with kinetic corruptos and prepares for a ground invasion of the planet to seize the munitions factories and baradium operations for himself.

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The cover art is based on Ralph McQuarrie's early drafts for Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

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