Knight Errant: Aflame 5 is the fifth issue in the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series and the fifth and final in the Aflame story arc written by John Jackson Miller. It was released on February 16, 2011.

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Who can be saved? What must be sacrificed? Kerra Holt will decide once and for all what it means to be a Jedi in the concluding issue of Aflame!

Sith Lord Odion and his army arrive at Chelloa prepared to take over the mining planet, but upon arriving, Odion finds a terrible surprise from his brother, Lord Daiman. World–devastating war is inescapable, but Kerra knows that when all hope is lost, that is when the Jedi are needed the most!

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Following a failed assassination attempt by the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, the Sith Lord Odion and his elite Thunder Guard invade Chelloa, overwhelming the weak Daimanate garrison near Arboth. They approach the mobile factories only to discover that they are actually disguised kinetic corruptors. They activate and trigger the underground baradium shales, creating a series of large explosions that trigger a massive magma eruption that devastates the planet's surface. The Sith Lord Daiman gloats over his success in luring his hated brother Odion to a trap on Chelloa. In reality, Daiman was not expanding baradium operations but rather planned to deny the planet to his Sith rivals. Daiman then orders his shuttle and "decoy transports" at Arboth spaceport to evacuate.

Meanwhile, Kerra, Gorlan and the refugees seize control of the decoy transports, creating a makeshift fleet known as the Freedom Fleet. They proceed to evacuate the 60,000 residents on Chelloa while fighting off Odion's Thunder Guard who also try to escape on the transports. Odion's entire invasion force with the exception of himself are killed in the ensuing magma eruption. Daiman and his entourage flee Chelloa on a shuttle. Meanwhile, Odion takes on Kerra in a climactic lightsaber duel, which leads to a pursuit over the Freedom Fleet which is exiting Chelloa's atmosphere. In the end, Odion is attacked by the Jedi Knight Gorlan, who pushes him into the thrusters. Both men suffer severe burns and Gorlan dies from his wounds. The Freedom Fleet escapes with Chelloa's entire population into the safety of hyperspace.

Odion survives but sustains severe burns which require medical attention. He vows revenge on Kerra whenever they meet again in the future. En route to the Galactic Republic, the Freedom Fleet docks at the Daimanate world of Nilash III where Kerra raids Daiman's factory, freeing the enslaved Nilash natives. As a final gesture, Kerra beheads his statues. Following the raid, Daiman and his aide Uleeta visit the planet. Daiman stumbles upon his desecrated statues and is forced to come to the realization that Kerra indeed "exists and is not going away."

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