Knight Errant: Deluge 1 is the first issue in the Deluge story arc of the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series written by John Jackson Miller.

Publisher's summary[]

In answer to a distress call, Kerra returns to her Sith-controlled homeworld for a daring rescue . . . but her arrival on the planet coincides with an ambush from a Hutt mastermind! The clash with his invasion and a number of other unexpected surprises place Kerra's small-scale rescue into a hot spot. She has to troubleshoot fast—and, as always, alone!

Plot summary[]

During the Republic Dark Age, large areas of the Outer Rim Territories were controlled by various Sith Lords. Following its conquest by the Chagras Hegemony in 1042 BBY, the planet Aquilaris Minor in the Grumani sector was ruled by a string of Sith. By 1032 BBY, Aquilaris had come under Lord Daiman, who exploited the world for its sea life. Aquilaris was also the homeworld of the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, who had devoted herself to a knight errant's mission of waging war on the Sith. Responding to a distress transmission from the Seacroppers' Guild, Kerra returned to her homeworld only to discover that it was being invaded by the forces of the Hutt crime lord Zodoh, a new player in the Grumani sector.

During the initial onslaught, Zodoh's forces quickly wiped out Daiman's weak defenses. In the midst of the fighting, Kerra infiltrated the spaceport at Capital Cay in a food transport and slew the Daimanate garrison commander. She arrived at the Seacroppers' dormitory where she met an old man named Padgett and her childhood friend Joad Kreel, who has become addicted to the narcotic spice known as Deluge. She soon discovered that much of the Seacroppers' Guild had become affected by Deluge, rendering them in an apathetic and disinterested state. Unable to get them to escape, Kerra also learnt that the distress signal was actually a code message requesting more Deluge. Meanwhile, Zodoh deployed a Stormdriver, a large starship equipped with weaponized vaporators capable of draining moisture from the surrounding atmosphere and creating torrential storms.

The Stormdriver wrecked havoc on Capital Cay's seaport. Kerra distracted the Stormdriver's crew by firing a blaster at it. The Stormdriver was subsequently destroyed by Fire Lotus-class starfighters from Grace Command, a paramilitary relief organization associated with the Galactic Republic. Zodoh orders a tactical withdrawal while Devil Squadron occupied Capital Cay where they were welcomed by the local population as liberators. The Devils' commander Captain Jenn Devaad established contact with Kerra, promising to distribute food and medical aid to the population. Kerra is relieved to have found some allies in her fight against the Sith.

Meanwhile on his fighter carrier Voracious, Zodoh issues an ultimatum to the local Sith Lords via hologram, offering to become their main supplier of slaves and munitions if they were willing to cooperate with him against Daiman. If they refused, he threatened severe consequences. He then conferred with his advisor Oon Garat who reported that the damaged Stormdriver had gathered the necessary data on Aquilaris prior to its destruction. Zodoh then ordered her to send a courier to the Hutt capital of Nal Hutta, promising that the Sith would be working for him by the time he had finished with the Grumani sector.


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