Knight Errant: Deluge 4 is the ninth issue in the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series and the fourth in the Deluge story arc written by John Jackson Miller.

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Kerra Holt has her Jedi work cut out for her! As crime lord Zodoh the Hutt's massive Stormbringer vessels flood Kerra's homeworld with rain, she does her utmost to herd the listless inhabitants to the safety of higher ground. Meanwhile, Sith Lord Daiman doesn't appreciate Zodoh destroying a world that belongs to him! Soon, Kerra will have two armies to fight!

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The Jedi Knight Kerra Holt discovers that her apparent ally Jenn Devaad and her Grace Command organization are actually narcotic spice dealers. Unwilling to abandon her crew to the tender mercies of the Hutt crimelord Zodoh, Captain Devaad forcibly retrieves several Deluge spice canisters and returns to Zodoh's flagship Voracious. Meanwhile, Zodoh's Stormdriver ships unleashed a global flood on Aquilaris Minor which flooded large areas of the planet within hours. Kerra led a desperate evacuation effort, using her Fire Lotus-class starfighter to carry several civilians to higher ground. Kerra also encountered her childhood friend Joad Kreel who had realized the error of his ways and abandoned Deluge spice for good. Kerra then tried to convince Joad to assist her with the evacuation effort, saying that they could get away this time. However, Joad answered that it was already too late for that and dived into the stormy waters to Kerra's horror.

Aboard his flagship Voracious, Zodoh hosted another holoconference with the local Sith Lords, announcing his successful Aquilarian test demonstration. Zodoh intended to drown all of Lord Daiman's worlds, beginning with his capital Darkknell. He managed to persuade the other Sith Lords to keep Daiman's forces busy at the frontiers in return for becoming his trade partners in the near future. Zodoh also planned to use Jenn's supply of Deluge spice to synthesize his own stock. He would then lace food supplies with the narcotic as part of his strategy to weaken resistance to his conquest of the Grumani sector. Jenn then demanded that Zodoh release her crew only to learn that the Hutt had killed them all by releasing them through the airlock into space. However, Jenn had a trick up her sleeve. She had rigged the food containers with time-rigged explosives, and triggered a series of explosions which created extensive interior damage to the Voracious. Jenn took opportunity of the chaos to escape on a twin-seater Hutt starfighter.

Jenn's explosions disrupted the coordination of the fleet of Stormdrivers, causing the artificial rains and storms to stop. Meanwhile, Kerra had managed to evacuate the civilians to Tarrah Hill, the highest point on Aquilaris Minor. During an eleventh hour moment, a Seacropper Submersible crewed by Joad surfaced and they were able to evacuate the refugees to an underwater harvester station beneath the ocean floor. Due to the large volume of refugees, the submersible had to make several trips. The leading Seacropper Padgett also offered the assistance of the Seacroppers in opening the sea tunnels beneath the harvesting station. By morning, Kerra's evacuation efforts had saved the lives of thousands of Aquilarians. Jenn was able to locate Kerra's submersible and reunite with her, revealing Zodoh's plans to flood Darknnell, a heavily populated world home to billions of sentient beings. Determined to reconcile their differences and to work together to defeat a common threat, the women departed on their twin-seater Hutt starfighter.


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