Knight Errant: Escape 2 is the second issue in the Escape story arc miniseries of the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series written by John Jackson Miller.

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Working with a team of Sith reconnaissance troops searching for a powerful relic, Jedi Knight Kerra Holt is getting a firsthand look at the battles between warring Sith lords. Witnessing all the destruction is making her have second thoughts about her mission, but painful memories push her forward, overriding her conscience. Kerra is falling deeper into the world of the Sith—will she be able to climb out?

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Following the events of the Aquilaris campaign, the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt infiltrates the Odionate as a Sith acolyte in an attempt to find her long-lost parents and younger sibling. The Sith Lord Odion sends Kerra, who has adopted the pseudonym "Mercy," and a party of Sith to the planet Sarrassia on a quest to hunt down the Helm of Ieldis, an ancient Sith artifact capable of driving people into a homicidal frenzy. While en route to Sarrassia, Kerra had a flashback to her childhood during the invasion of Aquilaris. Her parents had told her to flee to Capital Cay's harbor where they would escape on a Seacropper Submersible with Joad Kreel's family. However, her parents never turned up and Kerra returned to their family home only to discover they were gone. During the invasion of Sarrassia, Odionate forces quickly wiped out all resistance and rounded up the population as slaves. Children were forcibly separated from their parents. Kerra's commander Doyan assigned the Novitiates a mopping-up operation against Grumani Hierophants on Mount Diligence.

During the fighting, the Sith forces experienced significant losses when friendly fire unleashed by Yulan's artillery shelled the trenches. Having wiped out opposition, the Novitiates explored the underground caves beneath Mount Diligence. Kerra was separated from her fellow Novitiates and stumbled upon the Great Temple beneath the mountain. There, she encountered her old childhood friend Aunt Zoojoo who provided her with more information on the Helm of Ieldis and her missing parents. Kerra learnt that her parents had visited Sarrassia seven years ago under Project Pandemonium to find the Helm. However, they were secretly working to hide the Helm from Odion. In the end, the Hierophants agreed to protect Mount Diligence at all costs from the Sith while Kerra's parents would prevent Odion from acquiring the Helm. Her parents had traveled to Skarpos, the last known location of the Helm, and had never returned.

Kerra also knew that her mother, Mercia, was pregnant during the time of their separation. She deduced that she had given birth to a younger sibling in Sith captivity, but Zoojoo was unable to confirm those details. When Kerra learnt that the Helm was on Skarpos, she told Zoojoo she had to stop Odion and find her parents. Zoojoo disagreed and tried to talk Kerra out of her plans, arguing that doing so would only lead Odion to the Helm. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Yulan and several Sith Novitiates. During the ensuing scuffle, Zoojoo killed herself by detonating a remote-rigged bomb, which buried the temple under tons of rubble and rocks. Mercy survived the explosion and told Yulan that the Helm was located on Skarpos, feigning devotion to Odion's cause while secretly desiring to find a lead to her parents.


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