Knight Errant: Escape 3 is the third issue in the Escape story arc miniseries of the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series written by John Jackson Miller.

Publisher's summary[]

The location of a powerful Sith relic is closer to being uncovered, and so is the fate of Jedi Kerra Holt's lost family! Kerra's knowledge has gotten a Sith reconnaissance team closer to the relic than would have been possible without her—but will her desire to find what happened to her family also bring more destruction to Sith territories? How long can she stay undercover and keep one step ahead of the team and their merciless leader?

Plot summary[]

Following the events of the Aquilaris campaign, the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt embarks on a quest to find her long-lost parents and sibling. Her quest leads her to infiltrate the Odionate, the domain of the Sith Lord Odion. At the exposition, Odion has a flashback to his troubled childhood. His mother Xelian openly favored and pampered his infant brother Daiman while neglecting and ostracizing him. From young, Odion also had ambitions of carving up a large empire since his grandmother and family matriarch Vilia Calimondra had promised to bequeath her extensive interstellar empire to the heir that conquered the most. Since the birth of Daiman, Odion experienced severe and debilitating headaches which stemmed from his hypersensitivity to the existence of other sentient beings. This coupled by the hatred of his family led Odion to embrace inflicting death as a means of finding relief from the pain of other sentient beings' existence. In retrospect, these sentiments had led Odion to establish a death cult which embraced destruction. In the present, Odion had not heard from his hunters seeking the Helm of Ieldis. When an aide asked him if she could dispatch a courier to check on them, Odion replied that he would go and check on them himself.

General Yulan's fleet did a brief stop-over at the moon base of Vanahame to replenish supplies and refuel his flagship Gravedigger. Feigning enthusiasm and boredom, Kerra attempted to commandeer a shuttle. This led her superior Doyan to reiterate that the team of Novitiates were going to find the Helm together. The Kubaz Novitiate Glenk had also disappeared on Sarrassia, leading the others to surmise that he had gone to claim the glory for himself. With the Gravedigger refueled, Kerra was sent beneath the spaceport to inform General Yulan. While exploring the basement, Kerra stumbled into a massive cloister which housed all the children within the Odionate. Due to Odion's unhappy childhood experiences and because they burned very brightly through the Force which irritated him, he kept them confined in a series of planet-sized orphanages. Yulan also explained his reasons for joining Odion's cause, citing his grief stemming from the deaths of his children. For Yulan, the only escape was to embrace nothingness and death since life was meaningless.

Following the stop-over at Vanahame, the Odionate fleet arrived at Skarpos where the Sith had set up a garrison under the Morbollon Mesa. As the Novitiates made preparations to explore the cave, the Odionate garrison came under attack from rival Menagerie and Daimanate forces. Lord Malakite sought to reclaim Skarpos for himself while Lord Daiman sought to capture the Helm for himself. Daiman was accompanied by his double agent Glenk, who had infiltrated the Novitiates and was assigned with monitoring Kerra's whereabouts. During the fighting, Kerra saved Yulan's life which led him to view her more favorably. While Yulan's forces held back the invaders, the Novitiates headed for the cave opening near the top of the mesa. Amidst the fighting and upheaval, Lord Odion himself arrived on a shuttle.

Kerra and the Novitiates managed to reach the Helm but Kerra sabotaged their skiff. Kerra managed to enter the Grumani temple chamber and found her mother's satchel. She discovered that the chamber was buried beneath a mound of rubble and rocks. Kerra was then struck with Force lightning by Odion, who had already acquired the Helm for himself. Kerra had merely led Odion to the ancient Sith artifact and he intended to use it for a test demonstration.


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