Knight Errant 0 is a preview issue released at Celebration V for the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series written by John Jackson Miller. In addition to the comic, it also contains an interview with Miller, as well as an excerpt from the series' accompanying novel.

Publisher's summary[]

In a time when the Republic is just a small, bright spot in the galaxy, and multiple Sith lords control the majority of space, the Jedi Order still sends agents of peace to defend the weak and uphold its values of justice.

Kerra Holt is a newly knighted Jedi on her very first mission for the Republic. She is returning to Sith space, in a part of the galaxy where she was born and originally encountered the evil lords. Although her Jedi training has prepared her for much, the realities of life in enemy territory are anything but expected.

Join us for this special preview of the newest Star Wars series from Dark Horse Comics, coming October 13, 2010!

Plot summary[]

This preview is a shortened version of Knight Errant: Aflame 1. The comic occurs eight years following the collapse of the Chagras Hegemony, one of the Sith rump states which emerged from the ruins of the New Sith Empire. By 1032 BBY, the Sith Lord Daiman has become the ruler of a princedom known as the Daimanate within the Grumani sector. The Jedi Master Vannar Treece launches Operation Influx, a hit-and-run raid with the intention of disrupting the export of baradium from Chelloa. The Jedi infiltrate Jenith Spaceport in a cargo liner, quickly killing and immobilizing the Daimanate Sith troopers guarding the port facilities. During the fighting, the main protagonist Jedi Knight Kerra Holt saves Gorlan Palladane, a Chelloan resistance leader from being killed by two of Daiman's henchmen. The Jedi task force is subsequently welcomed as liberators by the local population.

However, differences quickly emerge between Vannar and Gorlan. Vannar had intended to launch a hit and run raid to disrupt the distribution of baradium, a volatile compound used in munitions. In contrast, Gorlan had envisaged an invasion to drive out the Sith. As a compromise, the Jedi agree to evacuate some of the civilians. However, this victory is interrupted by the arrival of another invasion force led by Daiman's rival and estranged older brother, Sith Lord Odion. Odion's forces engage the Jedi while Gorlan evacuates the civilians onto a cargo liner. During the fighting, Vannar orders his apprentice Ania to assist Gorlan with the evacuation of the refugees. She reluctantly complies at first but then decides to return to the battlefield.


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