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"Knights of Zakuul. A policing body under Vaylin's charge. Force sensitives."
―Lana Beniko[src]

The Knights of Zakuul, also known as the Zakuul Knights, were an order of Force-sensitive warriors who served the Emperor of the Eternal Empire. They differed in philosophy from both Jedi and Sith of the era, believing that the Force was a tool to be used in the pursuit of justice, and that they drew their connection to the Force directly from Emperor Valkorion.

The Knights served Valkorion's successors Arcann and Vaylin, opposing the Eternal Alliance and their commander during the war against Zakuul.

After the downfall of the Eternal Empire, the Knights were officially absorbed into the Alliance to act as the personal guard of the Alliance leaders. Despite this, many of the remaining Knights joined Zakuulan splinter groups such as the Order of Zildrog.

Organization and philosophy[]

A group of Zakuulan Knights

The Knights of Zakuul served to protect the Emperor of the Eternal Empire and enforce justice throughout the Empire. Unlike the Jedi or Sith, the Knights of Zakuul neither rejected nor rigidly adhered to either the light side or the dark side of the Force, emphasising the importance of a Knight exploring their personal connection to the Force. Eschewing the strict codes of the Jedi and Sith, no area of the Force was deemed too weak for a Knight to pursue further knowledge in, and no areas of the Force were off-limits for Knights to study in the pursuit of power. However, whilst the pursuit of unlimited power drew natural comparisons between the Knights of Zakuul and the Sith, Knights were encouraged share their findings with the rest of the order, rather than hoarding information for themselves.[7] Sith of the reconstituted Sith Empire, such as Lana Beniko, viewed Knights as ineffective combatants when faced in single combat, as their use of the dark side without adherence to the Sith code limited their ability to channel anger through the Force.

The Knights of Zakuul were led by a High Justice. By 3636 BBY, the title was held by Vaylin, the daughter of Emperor Valkorion. However, membership of the royal family was not a prerequisite to lead the Knights, as a previous holder of the title, Yuriem, held no ties to the royal family.[8]

A subgroup of the Knights, the Scions, was comprised of Force-sensitives who could glimpse the future through the Force.[4] However, after the death of Emperor Valkorion, his successor Arcann ordered a violent purge of the Scions, creating a schism within the Knights of Zakuul.

The Knights of Zakuul were a heavily-militarised organisation and favored group tactics, often involving the use of personal shields, as well as co-ordination between Knights, walkers, and the Eternal Empire military's Skytroopers. One such group formation, Zildrog's Wedge, was named for the Zakuulan Old God Zildrog.


Exarchs were cybernetically-enhanced Knights subjected to an experimental and often fatal enhancement process known as Project Exarch. In the aftermath of Emperor Arcann's conquest of the galaxy, Exarchs served as military governers and quasi-religious figureheads of their assigned sectors of the galaxy, ruling conquered planets from a space station known as a Star Fortress.[9]

Honor Guard[]

During the reigns of Emperors Valkorion and Arcann, members of the Knights served as the personal guard to the Emperor and the Eternal Throne. By the reign of Empress Vaylin, these Knights would be purged and reorganised into her Horizon Guard.


The Knights of Zakuul drew their origins from the Force-sensitive tribal leaders of early Zakuulan settlers; Matriarchs, Champions, and High Shamans.[7] After Valkorion united the tribes years prior to 3636 BBY, these roles were organized and formalized into the Knights of Zakuul.

Armor and equipment[]

The armor of a Knight of Zakuul included a helmet

Knights of Zakuul were known for their use of distinctive lightsaber pikes, usually wielded alongside a shield for deflecting blaster fire, though Knights were also known to utilize standard lightsabers and double-bladed lightsabers in combat. Knights favored the use of blue color crystals in the construction of their weaponry, with the exception of the cybernetically-enhanced Knights assigned to guard the Eternal Empire's Star Fortresses, who wielded orange-bladed lightsabers. Exarchs were also known to utilise a wider range of crystals in the construction of their lightsabers.

The standard uniform of the Knights of Zakuul was a suit of gold-colored armor. Knights were taught to forge their own armor from a young age, a practice that extended to the future Emperor Arcann. Exarchs were known to have worn enhanced or upgraded variants of the standard Knight armor, adapted to draw power from the Sun Generators powering their Star Fortress.


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