Knights of the Old Republic 10: Flashpoint, Part 3 is the tenth issue in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics, and the last issue in the Flashpoint story arc.

Publisher's summary[]

The Flashpoint storyline reaches its explosive conclusion as fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick and his unlikely shipmates from the Last Resort undertake their most dangerous mission yet—traveling deep inside Mandalorian space to rescue one of their own! With a little help from the most unexpected of allies, Zayne and the gang must find an isolated space outpost, once a Republic research station, now in the hands of a Mandalorian scientist with wholly evil intentions. To think they can pull this off with both themselves and their friend intact, they'd have to be insane—luckily they are!

Plot summary[]

At Flashpoint Station, behind Mandalorian lines, a ship arrives carrying Mandalorian warrior Rohlan Dyre who is bringing Jedi Padawan and fugitive Zayne Carrick as a prisoner for the scientist Demagol. Unknown to the Mandalorians at the base, however, Dyre and Carrick are actually working together to infiltrate the research center and save the captive Jedi and Jarael.

Being allowed inside the facility, Dyre approaches Demagol and demands that Zayne be the next Jedi to be experimented on, sparing Jarael, who was next in line, of any torture. Once inside the laboratory, Dyre incapacitates Demagol, and Zayne puts on his armor to assume the scientist's role. The duo make their way outside, where they strike up a conversation with some other Mandalorians during which time Zayne uses the Force to secretly place charges around the base.

At this time, the Mandalorians receive a message ostensibly from a Republic Admiral who blows up the charges that Zayne set and warns that the same tactic will be used at other Mandalorian bases. However, the Admiral is really Gryph, broadcasting from The Last Resort where he, Camper, and Elbee had been hiding.

The ploy works, and the Mandalorians escape Flashpoint on their ship to warn the rest of their forces of this new Republic strategy. Freeing Jarael and the captive Jedi, the two groups split up, with Dyre deciding to accompany the Jedi and Demagol back to Coruscant. With The Last Resort just about to take-off, however, Rohlan Dyre sneaks back into the ship and hides himself in the smuggler's secret compartment.



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Behind the scenes[]

Originally planned to be issue #9 of Flashpoint, #9 was pushed back to issue #10 and Homecoming was bumped up to allow Dustin Weaver more time to complete the finale of Flashpoint.

According to John Jackson Miller, this issue is set the same day as #9.[4]


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