Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 15: Days of Fear, Part 3 is the fifteenth issue in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comic books.

Publisher's summary[]

The "Days of Fear" story arc reaches its explosive conclusion in a story of dangerous visions, unheeded warnings, and decisions made too late!

Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick faces his darkest moments so far as a desperate attempt to avert a cataclysmic disaster drives him into the arms of his enemies. Zayne puts his life on the line in an attempt to save those who don't even realize the grave fate they face, but will his sacrifice be in vain? Meanwhile, the small-time con Gryph has happened upon big-time profit, but if he doesn't keep his greed in check, this seeming success story could quickly turn tragic!

Plot summary[]

Despite Zayne Carrick's warning for the Little Bivoli to depart, Marn Hierogryph decides to stay open a little while longer the next morning. Carrick, meanwhile, sneaks aboard the Deadweight, Carth Onasi's starship, and identifies himself as a Jedi, explaining his vision of the Mandalorian attack. However, Admiral Saul Karath recognizes Carrick as the purported Jedi-killer and accuses him of being a Mandalorian spy when the two arrive aboard the Courageous's bridge. Carrick's claims of helping "Squint" at Flashpoint are laughed down by Karath, though the admiral allows Onasi to try and contact "Squint" while Carrick remains on the bridge, and Mandalorian ships arrive in the system moments later. Hierogryph learns of their arrival, but a last-minute rush on the Little Bivoli leads him to forestall departure. Just as Carrick predicted, the Mandalorians launch dozens of nuclear warheads at the Republic fleet, and just before collision the missiles swerve around the ships to slam into the planet's surface—and as Onasi returns to the bridge, Carrick cries out as he feels the deaths of thousands. The sensation is felt by Jedi across the galaxy, including Squint, the Jedi known as the Revanchist, Q'Anilia, and Lucien Draay. Only eight ships managed to escape the bombardment, and the Little Bivoli was not one of them; a despondent Carrick is imprisoned in the Courageous's brig by a furious Karath. However, Onasi visits Carrick later that night and tells him that he managed to call emergencies down to seventeen of the twenty-seven Stereb cities that were hit by the bombardment, calls that led the Stereb to take shelter in underground bunkers.[1]


"Before it winds up wrong on someone's website, the word "ecliptic" does not refer to a spaceship by that name, Rand or otherwise. They're referring to the plane of the ecliptic, which is defined by Serroco's star and the orbit of the planet around it. "
―John Jackson Miller[3]

Upon the arrival of the Mandalorian fleet to Serroco, the following line is said:

"Mandalorian battle group in from hyperspace, Admiral! Just off the ecliptic -- one dreadnaught, several assault ships"
―Dallan Morvis[4]

Author John Jackson Miller has explained in his online notes that the word "ecliptic" is meant to be the astronomical term,[3] and explains in the comments section that the italicization of the word was a mistake. According to him, it will be fixed in the issue's trade paperback.[5]


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