Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 16: Nights of Anger, Part 1 is the sixteenth issue in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

A brand new story arc begins, launching a captivating tale of power, prejudice, and a past that can no longer be outrun!

When Camper, the senile owner of The Last Resort, falls frighteningly ill, his young protector Jarael will risk everything to try and save him, even if that means seeking a cure on Arkania, a homeworld she has never seen, where genetic "offshoots" like her and Camper are despised, even criminalized. Yet, once on Arkania, Jarael's troubles will run more than skin deep, for if her intentions are revealed, powerful forces that have been hunting Camper for years will stop at nothing to reclaim the elderly refugee—and the terrible secret he carries within him!

Plot summary[]

On her way to Taris on a mission to protect Senator Haydel Goravvus for the Supreme Chancellor,[4] Raana Tey is tormented by nightmares, particularly one where she relives the Padawan Massacre from Zayne Carrick's perspective—and where the Padawans are the ones who kill the Masters. To rid herself the night visions, Tey believes that she must kill Carrick. On The Last Resort, Jarael and Dyre are struggling to heal Camper, whose illness is growing steadily worse, and Jarael decides to visit the planet Arkania in hopes of acquiring medical aid. Jarael attempts to visit a medical center in Adascopolis, but she is forced by the guards onto a shuttle out to the mining camps because she is an Arkanian Offshoot, and aboard the shuttle, Jarael meets another Offshoot named Zadawi who takes Jarael to her house. From Zadawi and her grandmother, Jarael learns of how the Offshoots are discriminated against by the "pure" Arkanians, and Zadawi helps Jarael disguise herself as a pure Arkanian so she can sneak into the city. However, Jarael's visit to the medical center draws the attention of Arkanian guards, and Jarael's fight with them is ended by the arrival of Lord Arkoh Adasca, who calls off his guards and offers to help cure Camper. The Arkanian Legacy, Adasca's flagship and the mobile headquarters of Adascorp, brings The Last Resort aboard it, though Camper collapses in one of his spells when he learns that Jarael is working with Adasca.[1]


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