Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 17: Nights of Anger, Part 2 is the seventeenth issue in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Keeper of a terrible secret, addled inventor Camper spent most of his life running from Adascorp, the most powerful organization on his homeworld of Arkania. Now he lies gravely ill aboard the Arkanian Legacy, the colossal flagship of the corporation, his life in the hands of its owner—Lord Adasca! Does the young lord really intend to cure Camper and make amends for his predecessors' relentless hunt of the old man?

Elsewhere in the galaxy, the ship carrying fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick gets caught in a massive space battle. Whether his captors know victory or defeat, Zayne faces certain doom either way. Time to come up with an escape plan—and quick!

Long on danger, short on answers, life in the Old Republic is intriguing, exciting, and undeniably Star Wars!

Plot summary[]

Aboard the Arkanian LegacyAdascorp's mobile headquarters—Camper is moved to a quarantine care center as instructed by Lord Adasca. Shortly after Camper collapses, realizing Jarael had brought him to Adascorp, the Mandalorian warrior Rohlan Dyre is attacked by one of Adasca's guards. Jarael demands her friend Rohlan to be released and Adasca assures her the Mandalorian won't be hurt if he doesn't harm anyone.

Jarael worries that Camper will never forgive her for bringing him to the company he was trying to avoid for many years. Adasca reveals to Jarael during a tour of the Arkanian Legacy that when his grandfather was running the company, he hired Camper—a brilliant Offshoot scientist named Gorman Vandrayk—as his employee. Adasca admits that Camper was not treated well by the firm, yet he explains that since then a lot has changed—the Arkanian Legacy has grown into a medical research center, a university and an observatory. He also tells Jarael that during his years in Adascorp's labs the old scientist had been exposed to a pathogen called the "Balinquar's Virus".

Meanwhile the Republic defensive line at Serroco is failing and the Courageous is under attack. Neo-Crusader Schock Troops have boarded the ship and engage Admiral Karath and Commander Dallan Morvis in a fierce fight. Just in time Lieutenant Carth Onasi jumps in and saves Karath's life. Together they head to the cargo bay - their only escape. As they reach the prison cells, they find Zayne "meditating". After they reveal that they intend to free him, he admits that he actually used the force to remove the screws from the bulkhead in his cell and made an opening leading to the cargo bay and Onasi's ship—the Deadweight.

As Adasca's guards fail to acquire Rohlan Dyre's armor, the lord decides to talk to him. He tells the Mandalorian that he recognized him as "Rohlan the Questioner". Adasca manages to pacify Dyre by granting the him access to the ship's research facilities, eliminating another potential obstacle.

Eejee Vamm contacts Jarael and informs her that Camper is in recovery for the next few days. The conversation is used to show Camper that Jarael is unharmed, for now. Eejee tells Camper the real cause of his illness—allergens and molds in The Last Resort's air filtration system. Adasca took Camper aboard so that the scientist would finish a project he started before running away. Jarael is brought aboard as a hostage to force Camper to resume the research he abandoned years earlier.


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