Knights of the Old Republic 18: Nights of Anger, Part 3 is the eighteenth issue in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

The galaxy-shaking secret Camper kept hidden within his addled mind for decades is revealed in this conclusion to the "Nights of Anger" story arc!

Aboard the Arkanian Legacy, flagship of the corporation Adascorp, the elderly Camper and his young protector Jarael are separated by closed doors, each worrying about the fate of the other. Jarael worries a cure might not be found for the grave illness she brought Camper here to treat. Camper's concern, however, rests on the realization that their benefactor Lord Adasca has a terrible plan underfoot—one that will put Jarael, himself, and the entire galaxy in great danger.

Big changes are in store for the Old Republic and it all starts here!

Plot summary[]

On the planet Telerath, the authorities order an evacuation of the local citizens. When Jedi Master Lucien Draay demands to know what is going on, GG-36 (Gigi) tells him that the Courageous and its entire battle group has been lost. GG-36 believes that Admiral Saul Karath is lost as well. Master Lucien asks Gigi if there is a place for him to make private transmission. Gigi leads him to the boardroom where the Draay Trust still occupies a sea.

Master Lucien tells Haazen that the impending Mandalorian invasion would hurt the Draay Trust's funds. However, Haazen reassures him that the Trust has been selling off its its interest on Telerath before the invasion of Battle of Serroco. Though Zayne Carrick is believed to be lost, Master Haazen warns that WatchCircle Vodo has warned of a new evil destroying everything in its path: Lord Arkoh Adasca's Adasca Corporation. Haazen tasks Master Lucien with investigating this new threat.

Aboard the Arkanian Legacy, Jarael expresses her dissatisfaction with Camper's comatose state. Lord Adasca expresses sympathy and Jarael describes Camper as someone who accepted his life. She tells Adasca that Camper distrusted him and the AdascaCorp. Jarael expresses her gratitude towards Lord Adasca for his hospitality towards her and the Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre.

Lord Adasca takes an interest in Jarael's ears and asks about her childhood. Jarael says there is a lot about her childhood that does not make sense. Lord Adasca offers to talk about the matter over dinner in the observatory dome. When Jarael assks about the frequent hyperspace jumps, Lord Adasca claims they are are going on a business trip and says he will inquire with Eejee Vamm's team to see what more they can learn about Camper.

Later, Lord Adasca asks Eejee about Jarael's blood sample. Eejee tells him that Camper remembers everything and that they have everything in place. Lord Adasca speaks with the captive Camper and tells him that Jarael will not be harmed as long as he fulfills his contact to the AdascaCorp. He tells Eejee Vamm to finish making his contacts and to find the rendezvous point. He also tells him to find out everything he knows about Jarael. Vamm remarks that Jarael is unusually pureblooded for an Arkanian Offshoot.

Lord Adasca then visits his team of scientists including Doctor Suprin, who object to the presence of Rohlan Dyre, who is studying battlefield medicine, pharmacology and genetics. In private, Lord Adasca tells Rohlan to contact an unidentified individual in return for safe passage off the Arkanian Legacy. Rohlan demands that Jarael be allowed to accompany him but Adasace refuses, saying that he still needs her and Campter for medical research.

Rohlan points out that Camper never had Balinquar's Virus and that it was only a ruse to hide the old man in order to use his hold on Jarael to manipulate Camper into working for him. Lord Adasca provides Rohlan with a machine to send his message and agrees to let Rohlan leave with Jaarel if he sends it and if the old man is no longer necessary.

Meanwhile, in the Inner Rim, Admiral Saul Karath complements Carth Onasi for his piloting skills. They are traveling with the captive Zayne Carrick. Just then, Carth receives a transmission from Eeejee Vamm who on behalf of the Adasca Corp offers something that could help the Republic change the course of the war.

Later, aboard the Arkanian Legacy, Lord Adasca socializes with Jarael, who is dress in fine apparel. Adasca thinks that the Arkanians have been reckless in tampering with other species and themselves. He tells her of his plans to restore the Arkanian race using her genetic material to produce a new generation of Arkanians. He explains that AdascaCorp had begun offering genetic solutions to any employees who had a trace of offshoot blood.

Adasca then informs Jarael about his plans to make Arkania the center of the galaxy by using biologically engineered exogorths as weapons of mass destruction. He reveals that these geneticall-engineered exogorths were Camper's project while he was still working with AdascaCorp.


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Behind the scenes[]

A mistake is made with the art during Jarael's dinner with Arkoh Adasca. During the entire sequence, Jarael is drawn missing tattoos from both of her arms.


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