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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 31 is the thirty-first issue in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Zayne Carrick, a fugitive Padawan accused of the murder of his fellow students, is on his way to the authorities in hope of clearing his name, shedding light on the Jedi Masters who framed him, and revealing the covert order to which they belong. But reaching the right people without facing off against his former masters is proving to be more difficult than Zayne imagined! Success is going to require help from every true friend Zayne has garnered in his long quest for justice.

The secret Jedi Covenant is on the brink of exposure!


Jedi Masters Vrook Lamar and Vandar Tokare are visiting a cantina on Coruscant, looking for a person, who calls himself Captain Malak, but turns out to be none other than Alek Squinquargesimus. He and Shel Jelavan are telling the masters Zayne's true story - from the Padawan Massacre to the bombardment of Jebble and deliver the most shoking news - Zayne Carrick is about to come in. Meanwhile on board of Swiftsure Xamar witnesses that Admiral Saul Karath has initiated a blockade of Coruscant to make sure no ship reaches the planet without going through the Republic Navy. When Moomo Williwaw enters the system, it is intercepted by the Lance Squadron under command of lieutenant Carth Onasi. Moomo Williwaw and Lance Squadron engage each other, while Carth and Zayne are ordering his wingmates and Moomo Brothers respectively to shoot only to disable targets. Meanwhile the Republic Hammerhead cruisers take out all shields of Moomo Williwaw, to the joy of Saul Karath. Zayne and Jarael decide that they only can get to Coruscant on the different ship and prepare to execute their insane plan. Jarael takes control of the Moomo Williwaw and direct it straight to the Swiftsure's hangar on full speed, which results in all crew evacuating from the hangar. When Saul Karath and his men finally arrive in the hangar, they only find Jarael, Moomo Brothers and sleeping T1-LB aboard the ship, because Rohlan Dyre choose to hide. Meanwhile Carth witnesses his old ship, Deadweight flying away from the Swiftsure. Knowing that Zayne is aboard the ship, Carth orders his wingmate to let it go. After landing on the surface Gryph sends Slyssk away and right when he and Zayne are about to deliver the evidence, they are caught by Xamar, who hid himself aboard Deadweight and now takes them to Vrook and Vandar, seeking justice.


This issue was the first comic issue to reveal (both inside and on the letters page) that Alek Squinquargesimus and Darth Malak were actually the same. This was however previously spoiled in Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force.


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