Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 6: Commencement, Part 6 is the sixth issue in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series of comics, and the last issue in the Commencement story arc.

Plot summary[]

Zayne's return to Taris gains a lot of public attention. Valius Ying, on the way to the Jedi Tower, drags him through a crowd in the Upper City, excited and eager to see the Jedi make swift justice to someone who allegedly murdered five of their kind.

When they enter the Tower, Lucien asks Valius to wait for his payment. Meanwhile, he tells Zayne the truth about what happened just before he had rushed into the ceremonial room, seeing the other four Padawans dead and the Masters having their lightsabers drawn. According to Lucien, Zayne's late arrival was expected, and the Masters were prepared to wait; it was Shad Jelavan who surprised them. Shad, seeing that Lucien was wearing his lightsaber on the supposed knighting ceremony, figured out that it meant Zayne was also going to be knighted, which surprised him because the Masters had never treated Zayne seriously. The Masters had to invent some ad hoc excuses, which made Shad even more suspicious and forced the Masters to attack prematurely—just before Zayne ran in.

Throughout Lucien's narration, Valius tries to interrupt him several times, as all he wants is to get his reward and leave. Lucien eventually kills him as an unwanted witness. The Masters reveal to Zayne that they are members of the Jedi Covenant, and while it is possible that Zayne is not the Sith Lord they foresaw, they are not taking any more chances.

However, as the Masters are preparing to execute Zayne, the red figure from their visions bursts through the roof, wielding Zayne's lightsaber. Everyone is disoriented; the figure reveals itself to Zayne as Jarael wearing Zayne's space suit. Zayne collects the Masters' lightsabers with the Force and throws them into the hole in the roof as Jarael, holding him, flies through it using a jetpack.

One week later, during which riots have spread throughout Taris, the five Masters receive news they are being recalled to Coruscant, noting that Taris is defenseless against the Mandalorians now. Suddenly, Lucien receives a call from his former Padawan. Zayne claims to have experienced a vision on his own, seeing that one of the Masters is going to confess and clear his name, and that he will hunt down all of them and spare the one who confesses. In the end, Zayne says that if he ends up collapsing the Jedi Order, the Masters should note that they were the ones who started it.


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