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This article is about the spiders from Dagobah. You may be looking for the krykna from Atollon or knobby white ice spiders of Maldo Kreis.

The knobby white spider was a species of spider that lived[1] and lurked on the planet Dagobah.[2] They later grew into gnarltrees.[1] Their name was similar to the knobby white ice spiders of[3] the planet Maldo Kreis, a species that was in fact similar to the arachnids of Dagobah and other worlds.[2]

The knobby white spider was discovered and studied by Commander Halka Four-Den and her Alpha Team when they visited Dagobah, although they were eventually overwhelmed by the local flora and fauna.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]


Ralph McQuarrie's art of the "knobby white spider" for the The Illustrated Star Wars Universe

The knobby white spiders were first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in the 2015 magazine Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon 20.[1] The creatures originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where they first appeared in the 1995 novel Darksaber, written by Kevin J. Anderson,[4] and were first pictured in the 1995 reference book The Illustrated Star Wars Universe, written by Kevin J. Anderson and illustrated by Ralph McQuarrie.[5] The artwork was based on a sketch made in February 1979 for the The Empire Strikes Back.[6] The artwork of the knobby white spider inspired three creatures in the canon continuity:[7] the spice spider of Taul,[8] the krykna, a spider-like creature found on Atollon,[9] and the knobby white ice spider of Maldo Kreis.[10]


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