The blade in action.

The knuckle plate vibro blade, vibroknuckler, 'Katarn' armor gauntlet vibroblade, or gauntlet vibroblade was a retractable weapon inside a clone commando's Katarn-class commando armor glove that could be ejected from the gauntlet to be used in melee combat. The weapon was lethal at close range. They were also used by mercenaries and smugglers as a minor defense against police or other enemies. An example of a set of users was Jabba the Hutt's guards and skiff drivers, because they could not afford any other type of weaponry. It was often used against B1 battle droids, Geonosians, and Trandoshan slavers. Geonosians are easily taken down in one or two hits if they get up close to the wielder. This weapon was a clone commando's only form of melee defense and was not large enough to be used against a lightsaber or a full-sized vibrosword. As with all vibro weapons, the blade utilized an internal sonic emitter that caused the blade to vibrate when ejected. This allowed the blade to penetrate light to medium battle armor and the chassis of the B1 battle droids, and, to a certain extent, the armor plating of B2 super battle droids. As an added bonus, these vibrations caused minor sonic damage to their targets and could inflict extensive internal damage to biologicals with a single slash, rupturing arteries and organs without the blade having to touch them.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In gameplay, the knife also is used for the Trandoshan Mercenary, but it is made of a black metal and is shaped like a scorpion tail. This only appears in multiplayer mode.

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