Ko Bas was a male Caarite, who worked for the Metatheran Cartel during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Bas worked in a secret Cartel base on the moon Tilnes and was present there when a group of Believers released an anti-Caarite virus into the facility. The virus killed everyone in the facility, except for Bas and two other Caarites, who were all horribly mutilated by it. After two weeks, Bas' food supplies were beginning to run short, when he encounter the group of Believers, who were trapped inside the base. He attacked them and killed all of them execept for Aris and Osia, who were able to escape. He ate the dead Believers and three hours later, he also encountered the heroes of Cularin and attacked them.

Personality and traitsEdit

While employed by the Cartel, Bas was backstabbing, manipulative and a social climber. Following his exposure to the virus, he increased in size, becoming 2.5 meters tall. His arms became longer and his hands turned into claws, while his head became elongated and his teeth became sharper.