"Hail Zatec-Cha! King of Tammuz-an!"

Ko Zatec-Cha was a magic-user and royal vizier of the planet Tammuz-an. Unsatisfied with his station, he sought to become absolute ruler of the planet and went to great extremes to subvert the authority of the ruling monarch, Prince Mon Julpa.


Zatec-Cha as ruler of Tammuz-an

Several years before the Galactic Civil War, Ko Zatec-Cha embarked upon a scheme to do away with Prince Mon Julpa for good. He used his magic to transform the prince into an addle-brained amnesiac. Dressing him up as a broken-down android, he exiled him from Tammuz-an, forcing him to wander the galaxy as a simple-minded drifter. One of Mon Julpa's loyal followers, Sollag Den, stole the Tammuz-an Royal Scepter and fled his home world in the hopes of one day returning it to the prince. This greatly angered Zatec-Cha, for without the scepter, he could not legally assume the power of the throne. Zatec-Cha hired a bounty hunter named IG-88 and instructed him to recover Mon Julpa and the scepter.

Some time later, Mon Julpa found himself at the auction block in a mining colony on Tyne's Horky. There, he met the miner, Jann Tosh and the droids, C-3PO and R2-D2. Together they helped reunite Mon Julpa with Sollag. Sollag used the magic of the royal scepter to disperse Zatec-Cha's magic giving the prince command of his faculties once again. Joining with a freighter pilot named Jessica Meade, they returned to Tammuz-an to retake the throne.

IG-88 eventually tracked them back to the royal city and managed to acquire the royal scepter. With it, he was able to successfully capture Mon Julpa and bring him before Zatec-Cha. Zatec-Cha cast the prince into a dungeon pit in the hopes that he would be consumed by a monstrous Durkii. The only thing left to do was to assume the mantle of King of Tammuz-an.

In order to properly obtain the title, Zatec-Cha had to present the royal scepter to the Keeper of the Tower and place it inside of a special housing at the first sun of the equinox. However, Mon Julpa managed to escape from the Durkii pit and intercepted Zatec-Cha at the tower. He took the scepter from him and placed it inside of the tower, securing his rightful position as king. Zatec-Cha was then imprisoned for his treason, his chances of becoming king forever lost.

Personality and traits[]

Zatec-Cha was a male member of the Tammuz-an species with purple skin, a long black mustache, and a goatee. He had two triangle shaped markings below each eye. Zatec-Cha was always seen wearing the prestigious regal garments of his station.

Zatec-Cha was assisted by an incompetent Tammuz-anian sycophant named Vinga. Vinga's primary function was to speak Zatec-Cha's praises and execute every perfunctory job duty that Zatec-Cha handed down to him.

Behind the scenes[]

The actor who provided the voice talents for Ko Zatec-Cha in the Star Wars Droids animated series was that of John Stocker.



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