"Well done, Captain. You lack the stamina of a Kobarian swamp dog…but I'm certain you can match its unquestioning obedience."
―Darth Vader compares Imperial Captain Wermis to a Kobarian swamp dog[2]

Kobarian swamp dogs, sometimes known simply as swamp dogs, were a non-sentient species of domestic canine originating from the planet Kobaria. Two of these creatures, Higgs and Twiggs, were meant to be wedding presents for the Wroonian Pelf Pachoola and her fiancé around the year 22 BBY.

Biology and appearance[]

Kobarian swamp dogs were a species of canine from the planet Kobaria,[2] and one of the genders the swamp dogs existed in was male. Members of the species had long heads with green fur and purple tongues. The Kobarian swamp dog also had a tail, and its anatomy possessed ribs and haunches. The stomach-acid of the beasts was particularly noxious.[1]


Classified as non-sentient, Kobarian swamp dogs could be domesticated and were known for their unquestioning obedience as well as their stamina.[2] Higgs and Twiggs, a pair of swamp dogs intended as a wedding present for the Wroonian female Pelf Pachoola, sometimes licked their caretakers and nearby people with their long tongues, and howled while their caretakers were distressed. Higgs and Twiggs also had large appetites and ate treats given to them by their caretakers.[1]


In existence by the year 22 BBY,[3] the Kobarian canines dwelt in a swampy habitat at some point in their history.[2]

Kobarian swamp dogs in the galaxy[]

"Daddy loves his Kobarian swamp dogs almost as much as he loves me."
―Pelf Pachoola[1]

Kobarian swamp dogs were sometimes used as show dogs, and around 22 BBY, a pair of swamp dogs named Higgs and Twiggs accompanied Pelf Pachoola on the luxury liner Salin Mariner. The dogs were a valuable wedding present for Pachoola and her fiancé from Pachoola's father, who was also on the Salin Mariner. During the liner's voyage, pirate Hondo Ohnaka succeeded in kidnapping the two Pachoolas as well as the dogs and one other guest on the ship.[1]

In 0 ABY,[4] the Sith Lord Darth Vader compared Imperial Captain Mulchive Wermis to a Kobarian swamp dog after he Force-choked Wermis.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Kobarian swamp dogs were first mentioned in the comic book Star Wars (1977) 22, written by Archie Goodwin and published by Marvel Comics in April 1979.[2] Hondo Ohnaka's Not-So-Big Score, a short story published in Star Wars Insider 144 in 2013 and written by Jason Fry, serves as the first appearance of the swamp dogs.[1]


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