Koblus "Ko" Sornell was a female Devaronian Mandalorian warrior who served the Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars. In 3963 BBY, she served as a signals expert during the invasion of Zongorlu. Sornell was also present during the Battle of Essien with her young son, Gheedor Sornell. During the battle, her Basilisk war droid crashed into a Galactic Republic command skiff commanded by Captain Dallan Morvis by the shoreline, leaving her and Gheedor in the water.[1]

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She lived the nomadic lifestyle of a Mandalorian with her husband, Haarm Sornell, and three children: an infant son, a teenager daughter, and a boy named Gheedor. While on Dantooine, she revealed that she was expecting a fourth child.

During a siege on the planet Taris, Sornell helped establish a signal and communication post where she and the Mandalorians fought through the technical fields. She decided to coordinate on the planet while she and the Mandalorians were led by Cassus Fett. He led his troops to reach over the helm comlinks which transfers on the publicly accessible Z-band from Serroco.

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