Kod'yoks were a peaceful non-sentient species of shaggy, horned quadrupeds that roamed the open plains on the snowy planet of Vandor.


"First I rode a speeder bike as part of kod'yok roundups, and I learned how to use a skinner's laser knife. I regret that job now that the kod'yok herds are so thinned out."
―Tivoche Biure[3]

The locals of Vandor used native kod'yoks for transportation, farmed the beasts for their meat and milk,[1] sheared the creatures' fur to make coats, tanned their hide to make leather, and even used their dung as a fuel source.[2] Tivoche Bilure rode a speeder bike as part of kod'yok roundups when he first arrived on Vandor, and learned to use a skinner's laser knife. He later regretted the job once kod'yok herds became thinned out due to hunting and fences in the period when the Galactic Empire maintained a presence on the planet.[3]

Tibbs Ospe, the owner of The Lodge in Fort Ypso, served kod'yok steaks to his patrons, and provided them among other goods to Crimson Dawn employee Qi'ra, who delivered them to Dryden Vos's yacht. Gambler Lando Calrissian looked at a kod'yok ranch as one of his many business deals while on Vandor.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Kodyok-leather was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hidalgo. In this reference book, DJ's coat is identified as being fabricated from it.[4]

Scenes with Beckett's crew riding them onto the conveyex were filmed, but were replaced in order to cut down on time.[5]



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