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Koda redirects here. You may be looking for the planet Koba (misspelled as "Koda" in The Shadow Trap).
"Welcome to Koda Spaceport. Welcome-zzzzz! to Koda Spzzzzzz! port…"
―A broken hospitality droid[src]

Koda Space Station, sometimes referred to simply as Koda, was a tiny spaceport in a backwater corner of the Outer Rim Territories.[2]


The surrounding region of space was mostly populated by planets with poor farming communities, resulting in many farmhands visiting the station for excitement. The station was also visited by smugglers, and this mix meant that the station was often busy despite its insignificance.[2]

Nine months after the Battle of Yavin, the fugitives Mammon Hoole, and Tash and Zak Arranda visited the station, using it as a temporary hideout. At this time, the station was poorly maintained, with trash lining many of the station's hallways. While there, the fugitives visited The End of the World cantina, where Tash Arranda had a run-in with the serial killer Karkas.[2]

Spaceliners occasionally traveled from Koda to the trading hub Feriae Junction, located at the nexus of three trade routes in the Thesme sector.[1]

Nagai raiders attacked Koda Station during the initial stages of their invasion in 4 ABY.[3]



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