Kodo Finn was a male Omwati.


Kodo and his wife, Aleema Finn, were attacked by the Nashtah Gang who worked indirectly for Xizor, shortly after leaving a dining establishment on Coruscant. Kodo offered credits but the leader of the gang, a Duros, still expressed a desire to cause harm to the two Omwati as a message to Kodo from Xizor for he and his wife to keep silent. Ekria, Zonder and Drake Lo'gaan came to their rescue, however not before the Duros was able to hit Kodo once. The punch resulted in fourth-stage burns in the shape of the Black Sun symbol. Kodo was branded.

Later, while hospitalized due to his burns, Kodo's wife was on a HoloNet report, giving an account of what happened at the skirmish. This report was seen by Imperial Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, as well as Prince Xizor. When fugitive Padawans Drake, Zonder, and Erkria discovered the danger the Omwati and his wife were still in, they found them at their residence to warn them. Unfortunately the bounty hunter Boushh had already arrived, forcing Erkria, Zonder, Kodo, and Aleema to retreat while Drake held him off. After a brief scuffle with Imperial agents, Drake managed to escape and meet up with Kodo to get an explanation.

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